How to Get 350 (Pass Excellently) in Your JAMB 2022 CBT Examination

Do You want to know how You can get 350 or above in this Year’s 2022 JAMB CBT examination? If yes, then this article is just for you. Preparing for an exam, as some of us know is not all about reading, as much as reading is important, there are other little things that need to be put in place.

How to Get 350 (Pass Excellently) in Your 2022 JAMB

Only a few really understand this, and that’s why you don’t get to see very high JAMB scores such as 300, 350 and above, flying around, which is why I’m this article today, we shall be looking at those major things to note while preparing for JAMB, understanding how these points work will boost your confidence both academically and mentally.

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How to Get 350 in 2022 JAMB CBT Exam

While some people may tell you it’s almost unrealistic to score 350 and above in JAMB, I’m of the opinion that it’s not impossible. In this guide, we’ll be preparing the mindset of students, not just on how to get 350 in JAMB, but also the few ways to study smart to pass exams in flying colours. Follow me as we go through them together.

3 Studying Tips to Help You Perform Excellently in Your JAMB Exam

So, without much talk, let’s quickly get down to some of these basic things to master in order to prepare us mentally and academically for our exams:

  1. Understand Yourself:

The importance of this can now be overemphasized before you understand what really works well for you. It’s possible that you must have done some trials and errors in the past. Yeah, know where and when your weaknesses lie, figure out if you’re much of a day reader or a night owl.

Once you can identify these key points about yourself, then you’re on the first part to achieving academic prowess.

  1. Don’t just Read Wide, Read Smart!

Now, it is very necessary that you understand the difference between reading wide and reading smart. Reading wide is good, but it may not be the smartest thing to do while preparing for exams. Yeah, by reading wide, you’re basically reading to gain knowledge, which is very good.

But, reading smart on the other hand helps you to focus your energy on reading according to the scheme, topic by topic, noting the relevant points, and scheming through parts that aren’t very necessary, doing a whole lot of practice questions, past questions. This helps to prepare you for the likely examination questions.

By the time you’ve solved up to 400 questions in a particular subject, you’ll notice a boost in your confidence, both academically and mentally, which is a very key factor for preparing for exams.

  1. Sleep Well

Yes, you heard that right! Your brain is your central processing unit, even computer systems have cooling fans to help reduce the heat that may cause the system to break down, so if you don’t want to break down, you need to give yourself a good amount of rest.

Sleeping before reading helps refresh the brain and makes you assimilate even faster this way, you tend to cover up more than staying on your toes for longer hours.

So there you have it, the road to success is not one that comes without sacrifice, but putting your energy in what matters and getting your priorities straight can go a long way in hell your maintaining your drive and focus, both academically and in other aspects of life.

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