25 Tips on How to Score Above 300 in JAMB 2024 CBT Exam

You may wonder: How can you score above 300 in Jamb? How can I even pass Jamb? How can I score above 250 in Jamb? It would surprise you to hear that those who achieve these feats apply simple principles. I will be sharing these principles with you. Take your time to read through this article to learn how to accomplish this.

How to Score Above 300 in JAMB CBT UTME 2024: 25 Sure Tips

However, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination is like every other exam. As such, candidates looking to gain admission into the Tertiary institution of their choice in the 2024 JAMB Computer Based Test (CBT) should know that just like every other exam, they can also pass it successfully.

This article will discuss 25 Tips on passing and scoring above 300 this year, 2024 Jamb Cbt Utme. People who have done it before don’t have two heads or are remarkable people. There are tips for scoring high. 

I was a student before and had taken Jamb multiple times before realising the problem and how to eradicate it. I scored high in Jamb, so ensure you read the rest of the article to score higher than 300. Let’s head over to the first tip.

1. Change Your Mentality

Students are fond of having a shallow mind or poor mentality towards Jamb. Before some students take their Jamb Cbt Centre, they think that once they score a low score, it’s okay for them. 

The First tip is to change your mentality. Always think that you will score over 300 in JAMB, and you will do it. Aim high, and you might touch the sky.

2. Never Underrate Yourself That You Can’t Score Above 300 in JAMB

Typically, we have students who are fast learners, medium learners, and slow learners. But don’t ever underestimate yourself or your brain capacity. Once you feel down on yourself that you can’t score 300 in Jamb, you definitely won’t achieve it cause you are already accepting defeat. 

Above all, the JAMB exam isn’t about fast learners. It’s about how smart you are.

3. Set Your goal as ‘I want to Score Above 300 in JAMB’

There’s this saying that you probably might not reach your target if you don’t set a goal before doing something. Why? Cause if you don’t set a goal for an objective, you won’t put all your efforts into achieving your objective.

As a student or an aspirant, you should set a target goal for your jamb.  Choose a specific number in a Jamb number score that you want to achieve, as that target goal will challenge you. 

4. Challenge Yourself

You are trying to score more than 300 in Jamb, which is challenging. So now the question is, will you win the challenge? Will you do anything to overcome this challenge?  It would be best if you were very focused on overcoming this challenge. Passing and scoring over 300 in Jamb is not for unserious students, so you need to work and study harder and more often. 

5. Make Sure You are Doing for Yourself 

Some students are just doing Jamb cause their parents want them to do it, or peer pressure due to the fact their friends are doing it, so they want to do it. 

That’s why students score 150 or even 90 in Jamb, which is very poor. However, you must ensure you do this for yourself and your benefit. You will have a higher admission rate if you score high in Jamb. 

6. Avoiding Distractions also Helps One Score High in JAMB

Students who have scored above 300 over the years have stayed focused and eradicated any form of distraction. They are constantly reading their books. I also play around and watch television, play games, etc.

So, to score a higher score in JAMB, you must ensure you are not distracted by unimportant things.

7. Choose the Right Course to Study

There are a lot of courses to study, whether you are a science, art or commercial student. However, according to the level of courses, there is a cut-off that students must attain before being admitted to study the course.

8. Make Sure You Select the Right UTME Subject Combination

One of the essential tips for scoring above 300 in Jamb is to select the right UTME subject combination and do thorough research before choosing your subject combination. In addition, make sure it goes in sync with your course of choice.

To score high in JAMB, you must ensure your UTME subject combination is what your school choice wants. 

For example, your course of study is Mass Communication, and the Utme subject combination depends on your school of choice.

For instance, If you choose UNILAG as your first choice of school – The UtME combines English Language, Literature-in-English and any two subjects from Arts or Social Sciences. While at LASU, it is English and any subject from the arts or social science.

9. Do Not Cram Questions

You need to understand one thing: as a student, you should avoid cramming questions in your head. This is JAMB, not other written exams. Suppose you are planning on scoring over 300 in Jamb. So, cramming questions won’t help you. 

According to research, studying is healthy for the body if you study your secondary school notes and practice past questions, literary texts, textbooks, etc. Trust me, you will score high in JAMB.

10. Study Your Secondary School Notes 

Trust me. You will come across what you have been taught in your secondary school days in JAMB. The answers to Jamb questions are probably in your notes.

In addition, Always make sure to read your notes thoroughly, back and forth, and this gives a massive boost for you to score high in JAMB

11. Be Very Good at Synonyms and Antonyms

You may have wondered what I mean by Being good at synonyms and antonyms. This means similar meanings of words and opposite meanings of words. The word about Jamb is they no longer have questions to set. 

There are no new questions. They have just been paraphrasing and asking related questions over the years, so if you were asked a question in another technical word, How would you know it? 

That’s the trick in Jamb questions, so studying as many words as possible as soon as possible is advisable. 

12. Study Past JAMB Questions

Yes, This is the critical tip to pass and score above 300 in Jamb. The Past Question is one of the materials that definitely will help you. With this, you get ideas on how JAMB sets their questions.

The Past question has all the questions JAMB has set for students from 1978 till 2023

However, Some sites and applications have provided this for the students if you prefer online past questions. So, without past questions, it will be hard for you to pass Jamb, but it’s doable if you depend on other materials that will help you. 

  • Time Yourself While You Practice

Timing in the JAMB CBT examination is critical. You must understand it is a timed examination, so you must ensure you time yourself while practising.

Do well to use the same time you would be given on the test day or even less.

  • Make Your Jotter Your Best Friend

There are mistakes students tend to make, and you should avoid them. You must not think that jotting is a waste of time. You can remember only 10% of what you read the first time. This is why your hotter comes in handy. When you hit, make your jotting comprehensive, and create complete sentences you can understand when you read it over again.

Make sure you jot out your whole note or textbooks early enough. When done,  read your hotter repeatedly, four or five times for a start. Those who want to Score Above 300 in JAMB should ensure they start doing this.

13. Study! Do Not Cram & You can Score Above 300 in JAMB

You need to understand one thing: as a student, you should avoid cramming stuff in your head. This is Jamb, unlike other written exams. Suppose you are planning on passing and scoring over 300 in Jamb. Cramming won’t help you. 

According to research, Studying is healthy for the body if you are to study your secondary school notes, Past questions, literary texts, etc. Trust me, you will score high in Jamb.

14. Studying with Your Friends

Another tip for scoring high in Jamb is studying with competitive friends. If you and your friends are preparing to take JAMB together, you guys should challenge each other, ask each other questions, make mistakes and correct those mistakes. 

Studying with friends will push you to put in more effort, as you would not want to lose to your friends. 

15. Predicting Questions is a Good Way to Score High in JAMB

You already have all the materials (textbooks, notes, past questions, etc) to pass JAMB. Out of all the materials you have, you should invent questions for yourself to know what you have studied so far. 

16. Using JAMB CBT Apps to Practice

It is advisable to download and use JAMB CBT Applications. It provides more opportunities for students to see possible JAMB questions for 2024. Above all, it has past questions for every subject integrated and the latest updates about JAMB

There are many JAMB CBT apps to help students, but none has beat Naijschools CBT Practice App. It has helped many students score very high. Unfortunately, the Naijschools app is not currently available for IOS. But it is available in the Google Play Store.

However, you can download the PC software if you have a laptop with a Windows operating system.

Click here to download the Naijschools CBT Practice App.

17. Attending JAMB Tutorials Or Having a Jamb Teacher

The purpose of the JAMB Tutorials is to get more explanations on JAMB topics or questions to expect. Also, it is gaining more knowledge and an avenue to ask your tutorial teacher questions about what you don’t understand.

You can also have a home tutorial teacher to assist you with materials and explain more.  

18. You can Score Above 300 in JAMB by Asking Questions

Some students are shy or afraid to ask questions. If you have this problem, you need to work on it seriously and know that if you don’t ask questions, you probably might never know the answer to your questions. 

Above all, Don’t ever mind what people or your classmates will say. If you don’t understand something, immediately speak up for clarification.  

19. Stay Updated on the latest JAMB News

It would be best to stay updated on the latest JAMB news in case of any adjustment or postponement. 

20. Print the Necessary Document for Your JAMB Centre

After registration, you must print the JAMB exam slip (Two Copies), one for yourself and the other for your invigilator.

21. Reach Your JAMB Centre Early

Either your JAMB centre is at a far place or a near place. It would be best if you reached your centre early to observe what the centre is like—the settings and arrangements of the place. 

In addition, it’s advisable to research and explore the JAMB Centre before the day you take your CBT exam.

22. Know the Rules and Regulations 

To pass and score above 300 in JAMB, knowing the rules and regulations is essential. JAMB has placed principles for students to follow before entering the Jamb centre to start the CBT exam. 

There are no wristwatches, no phones allowed, no gadgets, etc. You can only bring your Jamb Slip or pencil if your subject requires sketching. 

23. You can Score Above 300 by Staying Calm During Your JAMB

Some students are fond of trying to answer all the jamb questions quickly. They won’t even wait to read the questions. They pick anything they like. Jamb specifically gives 2 Hours, so your exam will be submitted automatically if you are not done before the time runs out.

However, You need to be very time-conscious. Don’t waste time on questions you don’t know. You can skip the question and then come to the questions after you are through with everything

24. Don’t Rush to Submit JAMB

As a student who has written Jamb before, never rush to submit if you are done with all the exam questions and still have much time left. It is advisable to wait to go over your questions and answers again. 

Furthermore, Don’t submit it cause another person submitted it. Ensure you have done everything possible and cross-check all answers before clicking the Submit button. 

25. After Preparation! Pray to Score Above 300 in JAMB

The most essential part of life is prayer. Whether you are a Christian or Muslim, you should pray cause only God knows best. Pray you don’t face unfortunate circumstances during your exam. And always pray for a higher score as you have tried your best. 

Things to Do on the JAMB Exam Day That’ll Help You Score High

  1. There is a certain number of questions allotted for each subject. These numbers have been tentative over the years. So, JAMB candidates are to watch for the number of questions allotted for each subject, which will help them score above 300.
  2. Do not spend too much time on a particular question. The best advice is to skip it, go to the next, and eventually return to the skipped questions after attempting the ones you are sure of speedily and accurately.
  3. Candidates are to be sure of the location of their JAMB Centre a couple of days before their examination date.
  4. Be punctual to the venue to get settled both physically and mentally.
  5. Ensure you input your correct paper type to avoid being marked based on the wrong kind.
  6. Carefully read all the instructions to avoid mistakes that will cost you time to pass and Score Above 300 in JAMB.
  7. Jot down all the necessary formulas and acronyms you have gathered during your studies to avoid forgetting them.
  8. Focus on your computer screen and trust that your studies are sufficient.
  9. Avoid every plan to cheat or seek answers from other students in the hall, as it will affect you psychologically and lead to a waste of time in the exam hall.


Hopefully, these aforementioned tips on how to score high in the 2024 JAMB Computer Based Test (CBT) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination go a long way in helping you achieve your target ahead of your examination.

The 2024 JAMB CBT will no doubt hold, so candidates who want to pass and score high can follow the above tips. While doing so, users must ensure they put GOD first and pray while using any of the tips in this article.

Just know that people have done it before; there is nothing special about JAMB. Suppose you are very dedicated and follow all the tips in this article. I’m 100% sure you will get over 300 Jamb score.

We wish You Success on Your JAMB CBT Exam!!!

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