How to Edit Audio in VideoLAN Client (VLC) Media Player App/Software

Definitely, what You will get in this article is the complete guide on How to Edit Audio in VLC as people are looking for it. The VLC media player is one of the most used media players in the world, especially for PC and laptops.

How to Edit Audio in VLC Media Player App/Software

Almost everyone that plays videos on their computer or mobile device makes use of the VLC media player this application is so popular.

While this application’s selling point is to play videos and sometimes music it can also be used as an editing tool for audio. Most people probably don’t know this but there are lots of features in the desktop app that lets you do that.

That is why in this guide I will show you How to use a VLC player to edit your audio files in case the need arises.

Is VLC Safe?

The VLC player application is being used all over the world today with more people getting to know about it. The application is very sleek and packed with lots of features. Making it one of the most used mobile and pc applications. For an application to be as widely used as this it tells you that it should be safe to download and use

So yes it is very safe to download install and use the VLC application because it is 100% safe to use. That being said it is imperative that when doing the VLC media player application you should download it from the right source. That being the official website of the VLC player.

Dowling it from the wrong place can spell disaster for you so always make sure you are getting it from the official website. Which will keep you free from viruses spyware and malware to maintain your privacy. The official website is which is still in use today.

To top things off to further prove that the VLC application is 100% safe is the fact that there has not been any mention of people getting bugs or malware when they download the app from the official website.

VLC Audio Editor

The VLC player lets you play video on any device it is installed in easily but what many people don’t know is that you can use it for much more. You can use the VLC player to stream videos download subtitles edit your Audio and even your video files peacefully.

There are certain features that are put in place on this application that will easily let you do any of the above-mentioned things. To be specific you can use the VLC player as an audio editor. To perform simple audio editing techniques just like any other audio editing tool.

For started you can use this application to trim off portions of your audio from the front middle or back. You can also adjust the settings of the equaliser. Also, convert your audio to any format of your choice using the streaming/export wizard. It is important to note that this feature is not available for the VLC mobile application.

Meaning you cannot edit videos on VLC on Android or iOS only the computer versions.

How to Edit Audio in VLC

Now that you know that VLC is so much more than just an ordinary video player, it’s time to take things to the next level as they should be. If you want to know How to Edit Audio in VLC player on your computer then follow the below procedure correctly:

  • Launch any browser of your choice.
  • Now head over to the official VLC website
  • Tap on the button that says download VLC player.
  • Go do your download folder and double click the application to start the installation wizard
  • Follow the on-screen prompt to successfully install the application.
  • Double-tap the icon on your desktop to on it.
  • Click on settings and select Extended Gui.
  • Tap on the equaliser and select enable and edit the equaliser settings as you see fit.
  • Go back to the home and click on View and select Advanced Controls.
  • Click Media and select Open file to upload your mp3 file to the app.
  • Finally, use the controls available to edit your audio.

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