How to Get the YouTube App on Your Apple Smart Watch

Definitely, what You are to get in this article is the complete and sure steps on How to Get YouTube on Your Apple Watch. Apple watches continue to do better than the other with each new wash Apple releases to the public. So many iPhone users also Apple watch uses this is because they both go hand in hand for a pleasant experience.

How to Get YouTube App on Your Apple Smart Watch

While the Apple watch on its own is a very expensive piece of technology the previous models do not play videos. Only the latest model can play video. However, it is still difficult to get YouTube to work on your Apple watch. But thankfully on this side, I will show you how to get YouTube on your Apple watch easily.

Details About Using YouTube on Apple Watch

The question everyone is asking is if they can stream YouTube or even download the app and install it on your smartwatch to get YouTube. This is a million-dollar question because everybody wants to know how to do so with their new Apple watch.

Also, The main reason why everybody trying to use YouTube on your smartwatch has failed is that there is no YouTube application for your apple watch. Apple watches are not designed to stream videos although the latest model support playing videos.

That being said there are two different ways that you can watch YouTube videos on your  Smartwatch although these methods are not recommended. I see no reason why you would enjoy watching YouTube videos on your small screen smartwatch instead of your phone. But for the purpose of this article, I will show you how to do that in case you want.

How to Get YouTube on Your Apple Watch

There are basically two methods which is the only way you can use or get YouTube on your Apple watch. The first method requires you to download an application that is present on the app store called “Keepvid.”

Why the other method requires you to send yourself the YouTube video where the guy Messenger application so that you can open it on your smartwatch. Unfortunately, these two methods are the only way you can get YouTube on your smartwatch for now. Now let’s see how to carry out both of these methods below:

How to Get YouTube on Your Apple Watch with the Keepvid App

In order to use this application, you have to download it from the app store on your Apple watch and install it. Once that is done you can now stream some YouTube videos on your Apple watch. Keep in mind that there are glitches with this method and do not expect to have the satisfaction of a mobile phone.

Follow develop procedures to install the TV application:

  • Tap on the digital crown button is on the side of your Apple watch.
  • Still using the digital crown scroll down to locate the App Store.
  • Open the app store can head over to the search section.
  • Use the Search section 26 for the Keepvid application.
  • Select get to install the application to your device.

Once the application is done installing you can now open the application and start streaming YouTube videos non-stop in a limited capacity.

Get YouTube on Your Smartwatch Using the iMessenger Application

This method requires you to record the YouTube video you want to watch on your Apple watch on the iPhone. After completing recording the video you can now send it through the messenger application. The trick here is that you should embed a video in recorded on a message on my imessenger and send it to yourself.

All you need to do now is just to open the I Messenger on your Apple watch tap on the Messi and play the video.

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