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There will be good movies available to watch on Showmax in January. Additionally, Showmax releases new movies every month for internet streaming. To avoid becoming discouraged from viewing movies online on Showmax, make sure you pick films that will help you unwind and enjoy them. In addition, we’ll give you some recommendations for fantastic films you should watch in January.

13 Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this  January

13 Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this 2023 January

Below are some of the Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this January.

1. DMZ S1

A second American Civil War transforms Manhattan into a demilitarized zone in this HBO drama based on the popular DC comic books, as a nurse embarks on a terrifying search for her kid.

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2. His Dark Materials 

Lyra and Will travel to a dangerous location from which no one has ever returned as The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman’s events take place.

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3. Venom: Let There Be Carnage Can be One of the Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this January

If you’re a lover of marvel movies then try this one on showmax this January In the spectacular follow-up, Cletus Kasady, who Eddie had previously interviewed, now serves as the host of  the deadly symbiote Carnage.

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4. The Suicide Squad

What could possibly go wrong with a group of supervillains as our only hope to save the world? Don’t miss this intense follow-up to the 2016 film.

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5. Blood Psalms

The youthful Princess Zazi of ancient Africa must protect herself and her people from the end of the world. She is up against rival tribes, enraged gods, and even her own father.

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6. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is one of the Good Movies to Watch this January on Showmax

In Batman and Wonder Woman’s epic re-edit of the 2017 movie, they create a group of metahumans to save the planet.

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7. Wonder Woman 1984

In this suspenseful follow-up, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine reprise their roles as Diana Prince and the two new enemies she faces 65 years after the events of the 2017 smash Wonder Woman.

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8. The Nevers

When frightening talents suddenly appear to be bestowed to Victorian ladies, they must battle others who want to blot them out of history.

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9. Candyman Can be One of the Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this January

Anthony learns the truth about Candyman through a fortuitous encounter with a local from Cabrini Green, which sparks a wave of violence.

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9. Gaia

Two survivalists living a post-apocalyptic existence are encountered by a park ranger while on a surveillance assignment in a primitive woodland.

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10. Chapelwaite S1

In this terrifying horror series, a captain moves his family to his ancestral house, where they are confronted by darkness and family secrets.

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11. Black Friday

A group of toy store workers must deal with shoppers seeking discounts, bargains, and even blood on the busiest day of the year.

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12. The Baby Can be Among the Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this January

Natasha is 38 years old; she wants a child just like all of her friends who had them. But when a baby shows up at her door, everything changes for her. Where does the infant originate? What is it seeking? HBO’s British horror comedy.

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13. The Witch

This is the story of a family who moves to a new town, only to be plagued by witches. In the 1630s, a family in Fresh England relocates to the edge of the woods to begin a new life, but soon finds themselves under threat from sinister forces far beyond their control.

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But you can see a ton of other fascinating and excellent movies on Showmax in November. Additionally, among the intriguing films that will be available for you to see are those that are stated above.

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