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If you are looking for good movies to watch on Apple TV Plus to watch this January. Well you are reading the right article then because in this article you are going to see good movies on Apple TV that you can try out this January.

13 Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this January

Next, You are going to see wonderful movies that I have suggested for you to try out this January on Apple TV Plus.

13 Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this 2023 January

you don’t need to start stressing yourself and start thinking of good movies to watch anymore. Well, here I will list good 13 movies that you should try out and I assure you that will not see boredom this new month of January

1. Acapulco is One of those Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this 2023 January

Acapulco is an ’80s fever dream drenched in hot pink and bright green. In a How I Met Your Mother-style frame narrative, the older, wealthy Máximo tells his nephew about his younger years as an entry-level worker at a glamorous Mexican hotel in Acapulco.

Watch it on Apple TV Plus.

2. The Afterparty

This eight-episode whodunit is the perfect choice if you’re looking for one of those good movies on Apple TV Plus to watch in January that features a strong ensemble of comedians exercising their talents. Start watching it on Apple TV Plus on January 28. Sam Richardson from Veep, and many more all star.

3. Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry

The documentary follows Eilish’s journey from relative obscurity to success. Follows her, her brother and collaborator Finneas, and their family as she takes the world by storm. And you get the bonus of listening to her music while you’re watching.

Watch it on Apple TV+.

4. Boys State

It is unsettling to watch how deeply entrenched political divisions are even in the minds of children, but the compelling movie also offers some cause for optimism that a new generation may learn to approach politics with maturity rather than destabilize it.

Watch it on Apple TV+.


The New England fishing family is then the subject of the family drama as they butt heads looking for a solution to move forward with their lives. If you don’t start crying at the end thanks to Marlee Matlin’s Oscar-winning portrayal as Ruby’s mother, I’ll buy you a full tub of mackerel.

Watch it on Apple TV+.

6. Come From Away is One of those Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this 2023 January

Therefore, if you’re still apprehensive about walking into a crowded theatre or if you just don’t live close to New York City, this is your chance to enjoy some of the best live theatres from the comfort of your couch and without having to wait in long queues for the restroom at intermission.

Watch it on Apple TV+.

7. Defending Jacob

Jacob’s mother is portrayed by my Lady Mary, Michelle Dockery, and I’d like to remark that all three of these outstanding actresses deserved a lot more recognition from the awards community than they really received. Up a compelling narrative, they are turning in outstanding performances. Please and thank you, let’s pass around some Emmy nominations.

Watch it on Apple TV+.

8. Greyhound 

This can be your greatest option if you’re at home on a Sunday afternoon with your folks and need something to play to keep everyone entertained. Come on, really. Tom Hanks is here! A T. Hanks film is hard not to love, right?

Watch it on Apple TV+.

9. Harriet the Spy Can be One of the Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this January

As a series, it doesn’t follow the plot of the book but, rather, expands the world of Marion Hawthorne, Jamie, Sport, and the Boy with the Purple Socks. Beautifully animated and wonderful use of this noble franchise. Now, brb — I’m gonna to watch this scene and cry.

Watch it on Apple TV+.

10.  On the Rocks

The pair traverse New York City in Murray’s roadster, stopping at cosy bars along the way as they discuss Jones’ life and their rocky relationship. Funny, melancholy, and sincere, the film provides all of the Coppola wonder with a side of French 75s.

Watch it on Apple TV+.

11. Schmigadoon!

Watch it on Apple TV+.

12. The Shrink Next Door

he miniseries, complete with its A-list cast, looks expensive, and anyone who is familiar with the podcast can tell you the story does not disappoint. This is primed to be Apple TV+’s next must-watch experience.

Watch it on Apple TV+.

13. WolfwaTed Lassolkers is One of those Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this 2023 January

With a cheery ensemble of people you can’t help but fall in love with, the show is pure feel-good sunshine. You won’t need to watch many episodes to figure out why everyone like this show.

Watch it on Apple TV+.


Thanks to Apple TV Plus, you may see a ton of interesting and excellent films in January. In my opinion, you should try No. 13 in January; you will undoubtedly appreciate it.

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