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In this article, you will get to see good movies to watch on HBO max this January. HBO max has a vast sea of movies to pick from. So, that’s why we can get lost or discouraged. So, we picked out the movies for you.

13 Good Movies on HBO Max to Watch this January

13 Good Movies on HBO Max to Watch this 2023 January

Here are some of the amazing movies you can watch this January on HBO max.

1. Black Adam

Black Adam is a great movie to watch on HBO max. It Starring, the former wrestler, no actor, Dwayne Johnson on his journey of self-discovery. So, get started.

2. Green Lantern: Beware my power

Another great movie to watch. It’s about the story of a green lantern (more or less space police). Also, it’s a great Detective Comics animated movie.

3. Belle: Included in the Good Movies you can Watch on HBO max this January

This is an animated Japanese movie about a student becoming a singer that is beloved globally. It’s definitely a great movie. And, it’s based on true events.

4. Santa Camp

Another great movie you can watch with a captivating plot. In addition, it is an enjoyable and interesting movie for you to watch with your family or, those close to you.

5. Under the stars

Under the stars is quite a touching movie. It tells the story of a boy searching for a male figure after his parents split up. Definitely, you will love this movie.

6. Dangerous Play is one of the Good January Movies to Watch on HBO max

Certainly, you will love watching this movie. It is a documentary-type film, telling the story of corruption in football. Another must-watch that is available on HBO max.

7. Father of the Bride

A great movie to watch, it was directed by Gary Alazraki. It tells the story of a man trying his best to come to terms with the marriage of his daughter.

8. Virtual Reality

This is one of many movies to watch on HBO max. The movie is quite captivating, leaving you gasping at almost any scene.

9. Master of List: Movies to Watch on HBO max this January

A very wholesome movie you can watch with your family. Definitely, it’ll put a smile on all your faces.

10. My Dead dad

This movie has quite a twist and revealing moment. Definitely, you should watch it. It is about the story of a son discovering the death of his father. However, after his death, he starts to learn things about his father, things he never expected.

11. League of Super Pets

A very unique and enjoyable movie. Besides, it shows how far one is willing to go to protect what they feel is right and what one loves.

12. Navalny is Among the Movies to watch on HBO max in January

This is a documentary style movie. It tells the story of the assassination attempt on Mr. Navalny Alexei. Also, documentaries are a great way to gain new knowledge.

13. The Survivor

Another great movie with great presentation and great actors, for example, Ben Foster, Vicky Krieps, and many more. And, it follows the story of Haft who joins a sort of gladiator boxing event with prisoners.


However, movies are a great way to relax and wind down after a tough day. Also, they are a great way to learn new facts and skills. Moreover, they can act as a magnet for bonding time. The point is movies are useful and we just need the right one.

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