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PLEX is a platform that allows you to stream movies online and using this platform you will be able to watch movies from devices such as laptops and smartphones. There are tons of good movies on this Plex that you can watch this December 2022.

Watch Good Plex December Movies; 13 Options

13 Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this 2022 December

December is around the corner and there are a lot of good movies to watch on Plex that will make Your month a whole lot more fun. So, what You will get below are some of the best movies that You can check out on Plex this December.

1. Zana

This 2019 movie follows a lady called Lume who is guarded and subdued as she goes about her daily routine. Part of her routine also includes visiting the doctor and since visiting the doctor does not yield viable pregnancy she is brought to a witch doctor and later a Televangelist.

2. Shadow

This 2018 Chinese movie portrays the era of China’s three kingdom era and the movie revolves around a king and his people who were expelled from their land but aspire to reclaim it. The story shows a great amount of patience and the character’s different motives.

3. Summer Hours is One of the Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this December

This is a 2008 France movie that is centred on three siblings who are tasked with sorting the valuable pieces of their mother. The eldest siblings have a different idea of how to handle the inheritance that his other siblings.

4. We the Animals

This movie tells the story of three Puerto Rican, half-white boys who are growing up in suburban New York. The movie follows the boys and as their parent relationship is taking a terrible turn the children are left to fend for themselves.

5. American Animals

This heist movie is actually based on a true story. The story follows two friends who decide to rob a local library of rare books worth millions, they are driven by money but they also want something different than their monotonous everyday lives.

6. Stuck in Love is Among the Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this December

This movie is a beautiful love story that is showing the ups and downs of a father, his children and his ex-wife experiencing love. The film weaves their love story seamlessly and leaves you caring for the characters deeply.

7. Blue Ruin

This is a visually striking drama that follows the life of a man and his brutally violent journey for revenge. He wants revenge against the man who is responsible for the murder of his father when the man is been released from prison.

8. Woman at War

This story shows the life of a calm choir leader whose secret life is as an eco-warrior. This Icelandic movie is visually stunning and tells about these complex times. It is an amazing movie you are not going to regret watching if you haven’t watched it before.

9. 99 Homes is One of the Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this December

This story follows Andrew Garfield plays a character who is a single father living with his mother who is also single in their family home. The family finds themselves evicted from their home by a businessman and desperate for work Garfield’s character starts working for the same businessman.

10. The Whistleblower

This movie is based on a true story. It is the biography of a once-Nebraskan police officer who volunteers for the U.N. peacekeeping mission. And she uncovers a human trafficking scandal and finds that she is alone in a devasted country.

11. The Trotsky

This is a movie that will get you laughing if you have not yet watched it. This Canadian comedy follows a young man who believes that he is the reincarnation of the Soviet Leader Leon Trotsky. True to his past self the young man starts a revolution in his father’s company.

12. Four Lions is Among the Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this December

This movie is a mixture of cultural relevancy, humour and ridiculousness. The movie is hilarious in its portrayal of Muslims, terrorism and even its viewers. This is a movie that will get you laughing with its knowledge and accuracy.

13. De Palma

This is an autobiographical documentary covering De Palma’s fifty-plus years as a filmmaker. This is a documentary you will surely enjoy watching as he answers some questions about his bold choices when it comes to making movies.


In conclusion, these movies are going to blow your mind and even if you have watched them there is no harm in re-watching the movies. It would definitely serve as a fun activity for you and your friends and also for you and your family.

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