13 Good Movies to Watch on BritBox this December 2022 | No. 5’s Top Notch

The month of December is definitely a time to catch up on movies, that’s why BritBox has got you covered with good movies and series for you to watch this December.

13 Good Britbox December 2022 Movies to Watch

In this article, you will find the must-watch movies available on BritBox. So, what are we waiting for, let’s get started

13 Good Movies to Watch on BritBox this December

Here are 13 good movies to watch on BritBox. And they include:

1. Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen

A must-watch movie is available on BritBox. This movie follows the events of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth’s life. Also, it contains behind the scene footage of her and her family.

2. Oliver Twist

You’ve probably heard of the popular book by Charles Dickens. Well, now on BritBox you can watch the original black and white movie Oliver Twist and watch your imagination come to life.

3. Bugsy Malone is one of Many Good Movies to Watch on BritBox this December

Definitely one of the funniest movies you’ll watch, despite it being a gangster film. Besides, the movie follows the gangster life of some kids. Except, instead of guns, they use other weapons like pie.

4. Susan Hill’s Ghost Story(The small hand)

A novel by the famous writer Susan has now become a movie. The movie follows an antique book dealer who is haunted by images of a ghost boy.

5. The Darkest Hour

Another great movie to watch on BritBox. It’s a sci-fi action film about an alien invasion taking place in Moscow.

6. A Christmas in Wales: One of the Good Movies Available to Watch on BritBox this December

A great movie directed by none other than, Don McBrearty. In addition to it being directed by Don McBrearty, it’s also a Christmas movie on December

7. Clash of the Santas

However, this is a great movie to watch this December. And, it follows the adventure of two friends that travel to Lithuania for a Santa Claus contest.

8. My Boy Jack

This movie is based on true life events. So, what are you waiting for, watch stay entertained, and learn history. It follows jack a boy who wants to become a soldier

9. How to Catch a Serial Killer is a Good Selection of BritBox Movies for You to Watch this December

This is one of many amazing movies to watch on BritBox. Also, this movie is a documentary-style movie in which, Sir Trevor McDonald tries to catch a serial killer.

10. Mother’s Day

Comedy and thriller movies are available on BritBox. And, it is a very inspiring movie about mothers whose lives get intertwined on mother’s day.

11. An Inspector Calls

Another one of many movies to watch on BritBox. Besides, it is a combination of drama and thriller. It follows Inspector Goole who reveals the dark secrets of a family at their party

12. The Lady Vanishes is Among the Good movies for you to watch this December.

If you want a mix of comedy and drama, then, you definitely have to watch this movie. It follows a group of train travellers that get help up in an avalanche.

13. Slab Boys

This is a movie that was originally part of a trilogy of plays. It’s about three individuals who look forward to their staff dance.


On BritBox, there are multiple movie choices, that’s why in an effort to make it easier for you we narrowed down your choices. This makes it easier for you to watch a great movie without the long wait or hassle of having to search for it. We hope our list is helpful to you in selecting a movie to relax with.

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