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December is a month to relax, and which better way can you relax than to watch movies, on Vudu, there are multiple good movies to choose from. Besides, We’ve compiled a list of good movies to choose from Vudu, to ensure you get the most relaxing holiday experience.

13 Good Vudu December 2022 Movies to Watch

13 Good Movies to Watch on Vudu this December

Let’s get started. And, here are the movies to watch this December:

1. The last Possession

If you’re the type for horror or thrill, this is for you. This movie follows a family trying to rebuild their lives but something is ”going wrong”.

2. Old Strangers

One of many good movies available on Vudu. It’s a great mix of horror and sci-fi and certainly a must-watch. It’s able friends in a mountain town who find something

3. Ghost Light: One of Many Good Movies Available for you to Watch on Vudu this December

Directed by John Stimpson. Despite the name pointing to horror  I assure you it is not, it is actually a comedy movie.

4. The Hoard

This movie is a combination of both comedy and horror. It tails a production team set out to film the first episode of their film titled Extremely haunted hoarders.

5. The Miracle Panda

A documentary-style film, directed by the famous actor Lucy Liu. It follows the story of a panda named Xia Qi Ji, a symbol of cooperation between America and China. Clearly a very wholesome film.

6. A Royal Romance Runaway is Another Good Movie for you to watch on Vudu this December

They say love always finds a way. Well, this movie proves it, it is about a story of very unexpected love between a princess and her bodyguard. It’s a movie we’re sure you’ll definitely appreciate.

7. Butlers in love

A very wonderful mix of romance and comedy. It follows the love that starts to blossom between Henry and Emma during their journey to become Royal Butlers.

8. I Won’t Let You Go

This movie is about an ex-boyfriend who can not stop stalking his ex-girlfriend Angela. Although it may be a bit creepy seeing as there is a stalker, surely you’ll enjoy this movie.

9. Dying For A Crown is a Good Option for movies you can Watch on Vudu this December

Another good movie on Vudu. It’s about a girl that Just got into a new high school and will stop at nothing to obtain popularity because she wants to be homecoming queen.

10. Frost

A movie about a father and a daughter who got stranded on a desolate mountainside during a winter storm and now have to battle for survival.

11. Line Sisters

A great thriller movie with an awesome twist. A story about four women that unite to celebrate but secrets from the past begin to slowly break them apart.

12. All In My Power is one out of Many Good Movies Available for you on Vudu this December

This is a movie that captures just how much healthcare workers had to struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

13. Bundles

This movie follows the story of a high school girl who in an attempt for revenge, stumbles upon a great business venture. A great drama movie and a definite must-watch.


There are tons of good movies available to watch on Vudu. However, to maximize your watch and relaxation time we picked out 13 good movies for you to watch. Surely, this list will be helpful in picking out a good movie for you.

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