13 Good Movies on Hulu to Watch this November 2022 | No. 12’s My Favourite

There are different good movies that will be available for you to relax and watch on Hulu this November. Besides, choosing a particular movie to stream online can be sometimes stressful. So, we will be showing you some interesting movies that you can watch this November.

Watch Good Hulu November Movies this 2022; Top 13

However, try to make the month of November fun and exciting by selecting some good movies to watch on Hulu. And, this is because watching movies has its own advantages for humans.

Good Movies You can Watch on Hulu in November

Hulu has lots of amazing movies for you to stream online this November. And, the movies include:

1. Black Christmas

An interesting horror movie that will be available for you to watch on Hulu this November. And, is a movie about a murderer who escapes from prison and returns to where he grew up.

2. Every Other Holiday

This is among the good movies you can watch in November on Hulu. However, in this movie, the daughters of a separated couple planing the reconciliation of their parents by breaking the family tradition of how they spend Christmas.

3. The Dinner: New Good Hulu Movies to watch this November

A movie with so much drama that you won’t regret watching on Hulu this November. And, the movie’s director is Oren Moverman. Also, the movie focuses on two couples struggling with weighty Dami issues.

4. Catering Christmas

Another good movie that will be available for you to stream online is “Catering Christmas”. Moreover, this movie focuses on a lady who is struggling to start up her new catering business but later gets to handle one of the biggest events of the year.

5. Girl Code (Seasons 1 & 2) 

An interesting comedy movie series that will keep you glued to your screen. And, will be showing this November on Hulu. Also, this epic movie series covers a lot about womanhood.

6. First Love is Among the Top Good Movies to Watch this November on Hulu

For those who like to watch any movie that involves love and romance, this movie is for you. So, try watching this movie which is about a man who experiences his first heartbreak.

7. The Hundred-Foot Journey

This is another good Hulu movie that is filled with lots of drama and romance. Besides, it is about an Indian family that decides to relocate to France and opens a nice fancy restaurant there.

8. Dawn of the Dead

If you enjoy watching horror movies, try not to miss out on this movie that will be available on Hulu this November. So, just take note that this movie has lots of action and you will get to see how humans turn into zombies. However, this movie is a must-watch.

9. True Life ( Seasons 11 & 12) is One of the Best Movies to Watch this November on Hulu

Seasons 11 & 12 of this amazing movie series will be available on Hulu by November. So, to kill the suspense in you from the past seasons, try watching these seasons.

10. Warm Bodies

This is one of the good movies that you can watch this November on Hulu. And, the director of romance and horror movies is Jonathan Levine. It is also a movie about zombies.

11. 12 Dates of Christmas

Kate goes on a blind date on Christmas Eve, this movie is one you will enjoy watching. So, try not to miss out on this interesting movie that can help you light your mood with so much comedy in it.

12. One of the Best Movies to Watch on Hulu is Battle of the Year

An American dance movie that was directed by Benson Lee. And, a movie filled with so much dance and drama. Also, it is one of those amazing movies you won’t want to miss watching.

13. Catch the Fair One

Watch good movies like “Catch the Fair One” about a man set to find his sister who might still be alive after disappearing for two years. So, relax and watch this thriller movie on Hulu.


There are so many movies that are being made available for you to watch every day. So, all you have to do is to choose the ones that you feel you will definitely enjoy watching. Also, note that there is so much importance in watching movies.

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