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If you have a subscription to Britbox and are still struggling with what good movies to watch this Halloween, then you are in luck. However, this article has got you covered with the best and most interesting movies for you to watch this Halloween.

Watch Good Britbox Halloween Movies; 15 Options

15 Good Movies on Britbox to Watch this 2023 Halloween

Here, we have so many genres of different movies that you will like.

1. The thief, his wife, and the canoe

This movie is all about the story of John and his wife, Anne Darwin. John is an officer in a prison and his wife is a teacher in a school.

Their adult sons started to suspect that something was fishy when John and his wife faked John’s death in a bid to claim the insurance money and avoid a life of bankruptcy. And, not only that, they were planning to flee to Panama.

2. Payback

The movie follows the story of a woman Lexie Noble and her involvement with a deadly police mission to take out a crime Lord named Carl Morris once and for all. Lexie never knew that her husband Jared was part of Morrie’s and he is under financial investigation by law enforcement agents. It looks as if her whole world is crashing on her.

3. “Flowers ” is one of the Good Halloween Movies on Britbox to watch in 2023

The story is about the eccentric members of the Flowers family. Maurice and Deborah are yet to divorce and they live with Batty’s mother as well as their maladjusted twins.

4. The sixth commandment

It is based on the real-life events that happened between Field and Farquar and also the latter’s neighbor. However, the series investigated the meeting as well as the immediate bonding of inspirational teacher Peter Farquar and Charismatic student, Ben Field.

5. Code Blue: Murder

This is a documentary that gives access to the detectives and CSIs in the Special Crime Units of South Wales. Also, the documentary follows them as they deal with the most serious crimes from the first call out to the crime scene and as it ends up in the court of law.

6. Being Human Season 1-5: Good Halloween Movies to Watch on Britbox

This movie is airing on Britbox and we don’t think you will want to miss that. And, this seasonal movie is so interesting that when you start watching, you will be glued to the screen till the end of the episode.

7. Love and Friendship

The movie follows the story of Lady Susan Vemon as she arrives at her brother-in-law’s house with a plan. As she arrives at Churchill’s residence, the plan is to find a match for her daughter which leaves a trail of confusion behind her at Manwaring which was her last residence.

While some of the family members are suspicious of her motives, young Reginald de Courcey is charmed by her.

8. Warren- Season 1

If you love movies that are full of wit and humour, you should not miss this. This comedy series is about a driving instructor, Warren Thompson who believes that the world is against him. He just wants an easy life, a clean house, a nice garden as well as a warm cup of tea. But, the reverse is the case.

9. Cheerful Weather for the Wedding is Among the Good Haloween Movies to Watch on Britbox

The story follows a young woman as she spends her wedding day worrying over the fact that she is marrying the wrong man. Also, her Fiance as well as her former lover anxiously awaits her downstairs while she worries upstairs.

10. Red Joan

This is a spy drama film that will be airing on Britbox. With strong character representation, the movie tells the story of a woman who receives exposure as the KGB’s longest-serving British spy.

11. Manhunt-The Night Stalker-Season 2

Follow the story of DCI Sutton as he receives a new task fresh off his success catching a headline-grabbing killer. His new task is to review the inquiry of a serial rapist who has terrorized Southeast London for more than seventeen years.

12. Mary Shelley: Good Halloween Movies on Britbox to Watch in 2023

This movie was aired on Britbox on the 27th of October 2023. It is a film by Haifaa Al-Mansour and a story about Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. At the age of sixteen, she met a twenty-one-year-old poet named Percy Shelley also the writing of Frankenstein.

13. Shetland

A crime drama that you surely should not sit out on. And, it follows Detective Jimmy Perez and his team as put their skills to use in investigating various criminal activities across the city of Shetland.

14. Highclere: Behind the Scenes-Season 1

This is a documentary show and it gives exclusive access to the real Downtown Abbey or the Highclere Castle. Also, it traces the day-to-day life of Lord and Lady Carnarvon as well as their staff.

15. All Creatures Great and Small-Season 4: Good Haloween Movies on Britbox to Watch

The series is based on the novel If Only They Could Talk by James Herriot. It centres around three veterinary surgeons which includes Siegfried Famon. He hires James into his Veterinary practice at Skeldale House. So, there is also Siegfried’s younger brother, Tristan as well as Mrs. Hall, their Housekeeper.


Lastly, these are some of the movies that are being aired in 2023. Therefore, grab your popcorn log in to Britbox, and enjoy your moment. And, you should note that Brubox has a lot more movies in store for you to enjoy watching this Halloween.

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