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You can do away with the old way fashion of browsing a long list of movies before you watch a movie. Most times you end up being frustrated with no movie to watch. This is why this article is here to help you with 15 Good Movies on Plex to Watch this November 2023.

Watch Good Plex November Movies; 15 Options

There a numerous movies on Plex streaming now. Both new and old movies. Series and drama as well as documentaries. If you wish to have a relaxing and exciting November, Plex is one of the best places to keep you in excitement.

15 Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2023 November

The following are good movies to watch on Plex this November 2023. Grab a popcorn and get ready for captivating movies;

1. Terrifier 2 2022

Director: Damien Leone

Cast: Lauren LeVera, David Howard Thornton

Genre: Horror


Art the Clown is a monstrous clown who attacks people and enjoys killing people. After his resurrection by a sister entity, he returns on Halloween night to terrorize a girl and her brother.

2. Rhapsody of Love 2021

Director: Joy Hopwood

Cast: Kathy Luu, Damien Sato

Genre: Romance, Comedy


During a wedding event, a wedding planner meets with a wedding photographer and a fire ignition sparks between them. They have to find a way to walk through their lives and relationships together.

3. Dark Nature 2022; Good Movies on Plex to Watch this November

Director: Berkley Brady

Cast: Hannah Emily Anderson, Madison Walsh

Genre: Thriller. Horror


Joy and a few of her friends go for a therapy weekend retreat in the Canadian Rookies but receive an eerie welcome from the terrifying monsters of their past.

4. The Farm

Director: Ryan Pace

Cast: Alicia Kelley, Austin Chunn.

Genre: Drama


A couple inherits a tragic farm after the tragic death of someone close to them. The inheritance of the farm will lead to a series of disappointments in their lives.

5. Jerry & Marge Go Large 2022

Director: David Frankel

Cast: Bryan Cranston, Annette Bening

Genre: Drama. Comedy


After Jerry Selbee finds a loophole and luck in the Massachusetts lottery, he takes his wife on a winning spree and restores his hometown with the money.

6. Law of Attraction is One of the Good Movies on Plex to Watch this November

Director: Micheal Kampa

Casts: Lexi Giovagnoli, Joseph Almani

Genre: Drama


Alison is a young attorney who unexpectedly develops feelings for a handsome young man she met at her friend’s wedding.

7. Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West 2022

Casts: Ashley Avis, Joseph Wolf

Genre: Drama. Mystery


This is a movie about the mysterious disappearance of a filmmaker and his crew who went on an expedition to uncover the secrets and truth about the mysteries surrounding horses in the United States.

8. The Imposter 2012

Director: Bart Layton

Casts: Adam O’Brian, Alan Teichman

Genre: Drama


The Imposter tells the tale of Frederic Bourdin who is a serial killer popularly called The Chameleon, claiming he is a missing son from a family in Texas.

9. Detachment 2012 is Among the Good Movies on Plex to Watch this November

Director: Tony Kaye

Casts: Adrien Brody, Betty Kaye

Genre: Drama


Detachment is another sentimental movie centred on an English Literature teacher working only as a substitute in poor urban areas because he feels he does not want to bond with his students and coworkers. However, he has a very soft inner side of him which he shares with his grandfather who lives in an elderly home.

10. Nobody 2009

Director: Jaco Van Dormeal

Casts: Aaron Landt, Alice Van Dormeal

Genre: Drama


Nemo Nobody is a 118-year-old human, the last mortal on Earth approaching his death. Before his death. He does a series of interviews telling his tales as a young child, a teenager experiencing love for the first time, and an adult.

11. A Man Called Ove 2015

Director: Hannes Holm

Casts: Anna Granath, Bahar Pars

Genre: Drama


This movie is based on Frederick Brackman’s Book in 2012 as it explores the life of Ove. A man mourning the death of his wife and feels the rest of his life is meaningless to him.

12. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 is One of the Good Movies on Plex to Watch this November

Director: Tobe Hooper

Casts: Marilyn Burns, Paul A. Partain

Genre: Horror


Two sisters with horrifying pasts alongside a group of friends set out to an abandoned town to start their afresh and build the city into a colourful city of tourism. A few moments after their arrival in the town, horrifying events will unfold leaving just one survivor.

13. Gridiron Gang 2006

Director: Phil Joanou

Casts: Dwayne Johnson, Jade Yorker, Setu Taese

Genre: Drama


This movie tells the story of a counsellor who wishes to convert young inmates at a juvenile detention facility into a football team to help them boost their self-worth but he is met and welcomed by hostility from the inmates. Will he continue to pursue his goal or give in to the hostility?

14. Point Break 1991

Director: Kathryn Bigelow

Casts: Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves

Genre: Drama


This is an interesting and entertaining movie featuring Patrick Sways, Keanu Reeves, and a few other cast who made the entire movie a success bringing the characters to life.

It tells the story of Johnny, an FBI agent and Bodhi, a leader of a gang of robbers who met to fight against each other but some circumstances somehow led them to bond and Gabe in unison and mutual longing for something. The love of a woman.

15. Hustle 2022; Good Movies on Plex to Watch this November

Director: Jeremiah Zagar

Casts: Juanco Hemangomez, Adam Sandler, Anthony Edwards

Genre: Drama. Entertainment


This movie tells the extraordinary player. This payer will help redeem the reputation of a basketball team that has been down for a very long time.


In summary, these movies are all available in Plex. You can also find them on some other streaming platforms such as Hulu.

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