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Every a lot of new movies are released and Hulu is on of the platform in which you can watch these movies. This July if you are looking to watch both old and new movies then this article got you covered. This post will bring the Good Movies on Hulu to Watch this July.

Watch Good Hulu July Movies; 15 Options

15 Good Movies on Hulu to Watch this 2023 July

July 2023 is close and there are a lot of good movies to watch on Hulu that will make Your month a whole lot more fun. So, what You will get below are some of the best movies that You can check out on Hulu this July.

1.  Flaming Hot

This is a family-friendly movie and it is suitable to watch with kids. The movie follows Richard Montanez, who is the son of a Mexican immigrant and is a janitor at Frito Lay. He comes up with the idea for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Which was inspired by the flavours of his community.

2. Rye Lane

This is a cute rom-com movie that is set in Peckham and Brixton which are two neighborhoods in London. We watch as two people going through a bad breakup have an encounter with each other, they use their new friends to deal with their exes.

3. Triangle of Sadness is One of the Good Movies on Hulu to Watch this July

This 2022 movie follows the rich and famous who are on a cruise ship. Two influencers Carl and Yaya are invited on the cruise ship but their excitement takes a dreadful turn when a brutal storm hits the ship.

4. Bruiser

This family drama is about a fourteen-year-old boy who is caught between his father and a mysterious drifter. This movie shows a story about fatherhood, parenting, coming of age and also defending oneself.

5. Stars at Noon

This movie follows a journalist stranded in Nicaragua, she meets a British man. She falls in love with him and finds out that he works for the CIA. This romantic thriller is a modern adaptation of Denis Johnson’s 1984 novel.

6. Crimes of the Future is Among the Good Movies on Hulu to Watch this July

If you love sci-fi you have to watch this movie. The movie shows us an alternate future where a couple makes their money by staging live surgeries where they remove extra organs for their audience. They come to the attention of the government which is looking for a peculiar cult.

7. Rosaline

If you have not yet watched Rosaline you have to do so. The movie shows us Rosaline’s perspective as she tries to win back Romeo with her weird antics and also separate the two love birds Romeo and Juliet apart.

8. On the count of three

This movie follows two best friend who makes a suicide pact by before they commit suicide the two friends decide to spend their last day alive to complete all their unfinished business and also have fun.

9. The King’s Man is One of the Good Movies on Hulu to Watch this July

This is the third movie in the Kingsman series and it shows us the beginning of the organization. The movie takes us to WWI as the organization is being formed after the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

10. Baby Ruby

This is a movie about how a social media influencer slowly starts to lose her mind after she becomes a mother. She is unable to adapt to life after having a child and starts having hallucinations. Due to her erratic behaviour towards their daughter, her husband becomes increasingly worried.

11. Jagged Mind

In this movie, a woman struggles with lost time due to her having blackouts and visions. She soon realizes that is being pooled in a series of time loops she starts suspecting that these events might be linked to her new girlfriend.

12. Dune is Among the Good Movies on Hulu to Watch this July

This is an action-packed movie that is filled with action and mystery. The movie is a sci-fi movie that takes us to another world that is filled with prophecies and faint sandworms.

13. Chevalier

This period drama focuses on a man who was born into slavery and how he becomes popular among the royals and elites of the time. After his musical prowess captures the attention of the French queen she knights him and this takes him to achieve his goal.

14. Maybe I Do

This movie shows us a couple who are dealing with an engagement ultimatum. The two couple fight after attending a wedding and decides to ask their respective parents for advice. Unknowingly both pairs of their parents have been having affairs with each other.

15. Infinity Pool is One of the Good Movies on Hulu to Watch this July

This horror movie will leave you on the edge of your seat. A famous writer and his wife visit a beach where they are vacationing and meet another couple whose wife is a fan of James’ work. As both couples engage on a trip together James accidentally kills a man and is told that any crime is punishable by death.


With this, you can map out your free days this July with the movies you are going to watch. You can watch the family-friendly ones with your family especially if there are kids in the house. You can also have friends over and binge-watch several movies with them.

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