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Look for good Movies you can watch on PLEX this July well keep reading. Watching movies helps to keep boredom and it also boosts the relationship between friends and family. So to bring your family or friends closer this July you can choose a movie or movies on PLEX that they would love and enjoy.

30 Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this 2022 July

The PLEX platform allows its, users, to watch movies free but they also have a premium plan where users pay a fee monthly. Apart from using your laptops to stream from PLEX, you can also download the mobile app for your android or IOS devices.

9 Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this 2022 July

July is around the corner and there are a lot of good movies to watch on PLEX in the month that will make Your month more fun.

On the PLEX platform, there are varieties of movies for your entertainment, you can watch Action, comedy, romance movies and many more. Here is a list of nine good movies on PLEX to watch.

  1. The Man from Earth
  2. Metropolis
  3. Convoy
  4. Sparks
  5. Illusionist
  6. Melancholia
  7. The Hunt
  8. Dead or Alice
  9. But I’m a cheerleader

These are some amazing movies to watch for your entertainment. On PLEX there are action-packed movies, romance movies and many more. Watch any of these movies and you are sure to enjoy them with friends and family.

Movies Categories to Watch on PLEX this 2022 July

There are a lot of good movies to watch on PLEX but to make your search easier you could search for movies based on their categories. So here are PLEX movie categories to select movies from.

  1. Action
  2. Animation
  3. Comedy
  4. Crime
  5. Descriptive audio
  6. Documentary
  7. Drama
  8. Horror
  9. Music
  10. Romance
  11. Sci-fi
  12. Thriller
  13. Western

These are all the categories on PLEX. You can select your movie choice based on these categories like selecting comedy if you want to watch a movie to make you laugh.

7 Good Movies on PLEX Action Category to Watch

Love action-packed, here is a list of some of the good action movies to watch on PLEX.

  1. Jungle book
  2. Big legend
  3. Brain Dead
  4. Sweet Karma
  5. They call me Bruce
  6. Enemies Line
  7. IWitness

These are just a few action-packed movies you can watch on the PLEX platform online. These movies are sure to chase boredom away.

7 Good Movies on PLEX Comedy Category to Watch

We all love comedy because they make it so funny and makes us laugh. So here are some comedy movies to watch from the PLEX platform.

  1. My one and only
  2. Kenny
  3. Popeye
  4. Star wreck
  5. The f prom
  6. Almost friends
  7. 10 year plan

These are some good comedy movies to watch on PLEX. You can stream them from any of your devices either from your laptop, android or IOS device. Enjoy watching movies together with family and friends or on your own.

7 Good Movies on PLEX Animation Category to Watch

Looking for good animations for the kids to watch, PLEX got you covered, here is a list of good animations you kids should watch on PLEX.

  1. Ogre
  2. The first Christmas
  3. Bubblegum Crash
  4. The wrong rock
  5. Sintel
  6. Prince valiant
  7. Flash Gordon

These are just some of the animations or cartoon options on the platform. You can stream them for your kids to enjoy.

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