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Do you have a PLEX subscription and have no idea what movies to watch? Or do you intend to subscribe to PLEX so you can enjoy amazing movies? If you want your July to be fun-filled with great movies, then this post will be of great help to you. This article will be giving you 15 Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this 2023 July.

Watch Good Plex July Movies; 15 Options

With the right movies to keep you company, July can be an amazing month. PLEX has movies that range from romance to action, comedy and also tragic. All you have to do is read through this article and grab a popcorn to enjoy a fun-filled experience on PLEX.

15 Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2023 July

July 2023 is close and there are a lot of good movies to watch on Plex that will make Your month a whole lot more fun. So, what You will get below are some of the best movies that You can check out on Plex this July.

1. Shadow

The movie is set during China’s Three Kingdoms era. The story revolves around a great king and his people. They are expelled from their homeland but hold the zeal to reclaim the land. Various characters are portrayed with different motives.

Not only is the storyline great, but the movie also has amazing cinematography and an impressive choreographed combat. This is an amazing martial arts movie that you should see.

Year: 2018

Director: Zhang Yimou

Genre: Action, Adventure

2. House of Hummingbird

The story is set in the capital city of Seoul. Seoul faces massive and rapid changes in the year 1994 and the unrest of the city is felt by the residents. One of such is Eun-hee. The Seongsu bridge collapses and 14-year-old Eun-hee is left to wander the city while searching for love.

With the help of her friends and lover, she manages to get by until they change and she is forced to struggle with the volatility of it all.

Year: 2020

Director: Bora Kim

Genre: Drama

3. Queen and Slim is one of the Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this July 

This is a captivating story and it is a must-watch. The story follows a Tinder couple coming from a date and on the drive, they were pulled over by a racist police officer. The situation escalates and in self-defence, Slim takes the officer’s gun and shoots him.

They feel they have no choice but to run and evade the law. When a video of the incident surfs the net, Slim and Queen soon become symbols of terror, grief, as well as pain across the different people of the country.

Year: 2019

Director: Melina Matsoukas

Genre: Romance, Drama, Crime

4. Blue Ruin

Macon Blair is a drifter and an ominous news sends him back to his hometown. When he hears his father’s murderer has been released from prison, he quickly returns home. He goes back home to exact brutal and forceful revenge for the death of his parents.

Year: 2014

Director: Jeremy Saulnier

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

5. Lady Vengeance

The story follows Lee Geum-Ja who spends thirteen years in prison for a murder that she did not commit. She has always wanted revenge on all the people who wronged her. The policeman named who forced her to confess as well as her shady teacher with whom she had a past was no exception.

Upon her release, she teams up with a group of eccentric friends she made in prison. Together, they plan to execute justice and clear her name.

Year: 2009

Director: Park Chan-Wook

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Comedy, Drama

6. Another Good Movie to Watch on PLEX this July is Summer Hours

The story follows elderly matriarch Helene Berthier who discovers that her health is declining. She reaches out to her three adult children about contending with her valuable art collection after she passes. The three sons gather and together, they try to decide on what to do with their mother’s collection.

Year: 2008

Director: Olivier Assayas

Genre: Drama

7. Stuck in Love

Stuck in Love tells the story of a successful writer named Greg Kinnear. He tries to reconnect with his two children,  after his divorce. The story plot intertwines between these three people as it shows various aspects of their lives.

Year: 2013

Director: Josh Boone

Genre: Comedy, Drama

8. Spring Breakers

The story follows four college students, Candy, Faith, Brit and also Cotty. They are short of cash which they need for a spring break trip and so they rob a diner and went to Florida. The police find out and arrest all of them.

Unexpectedly, they are bailed out by a drug dealer and aspiring rap artist named Alien. Soon, three of the four girls decide to join Alien in a lifetime of crime.

Year: 2012

Director: Harmony Korine

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama

9. One Last Thing is Another Good Movie to Watch on PLEX this July

The movie tells the story of Dylan who is sixteen years old and dying of cancer. The teen boy however has a surprising request when a charitable organization decides to grant his final wish. He wishes to meet supermodel Nikki Sinclair. Dylan with the help of his best friends goes to New York to fulfil his dreams much to his mother’s dismay.

Year: 2005

Director: Alex Steyermark

Genre: Comedy, Drama

10. The Burning Plain

In the present, Sylva is a woman who appears to lead a confident life as a restaurant manager. However, behind it all is a woman who cleverly hides her promiscuity, self-mutilation as well as suicidal impulses.

A young girl named Mariana in the past is trying to discover why her mother began an affair as she enters into a relationship with the son of her mother’s lover.

Year: 2008

Director: Guillermo Arriaga

Genre: Drama

11. Out of the Furnace

The story follows the life of a Steelworker, Russell Baze who works a dead-end job. He also holds tight to his sense of family, duty and loyalty. The brother of Russell, Rodney Baze returns home after serving in Iraq and has debts piling up.

He soon joins hands with a vicious crime lord to enable him to pay up and mysteriously disappears. The police were unable to solve the crime and Russell puts his life on the line so his brother can come home.

Year: 2013

Director: Scott Cooper

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller

12. You Should Consider Serena as One of the Good Movies to Watch on PLEX this July 

The movie is set in the Depression era of North Carolina and it tells the tale of the barren wife of an ambitious baron. The wife sets out to murder the woman who bore her husband an illegitimate son.

Year: 2014

Director: Susanne Bier

Genre: Drama, Violence

13. The Longshots

Curtis Plummer is a down-on-the-luck former football player. He soon becomes the new coach of the Minden, Illinois, Pop Warner football team. Curtis has the chance to turn his life around with his niece as the team’s quarterback and secret weapon. Also, the residents of Linden have a chance to recapture their spirit team and civic pride.

Year: 2008

Director: Fred Durst

Genre: Drama, Comedy

14. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie, a socially awkward teen is a wallflower who is always watching life from the sidelines. One day, he meets two charismatic students who become his mentors. Sam is always free-spirited and her stepbrother Patrick helps Charlie to discover the joys of friendship.

Also, a teacher sparks Charlie’s dream of becoming a writer. However, Charlie’s inner sadness threatens to shatter his newfound confidence as his friends prepare to leave for college.

Year: 2012

Director: Stephen Chbosky

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

15. The Oxford Murders is Among the Good Movies to Watch on PLEX this July 

In the hope of persuading popular philosopher Arthur Seldom to oversee his thesis, an American student Martin transfers to Oxford. However, the murder of Martin’s landlady plunges the pair into a mathematical mystery. The question is, can an unsolvable math problem provide the answers to their murderous problem?

Year: 2010

Director: Alex de la Iglesia

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime and Drama


The month of July 2023 can be really fun. These movies promise to keep you going through the month. Grab popcorn now and enjoy premium movies on PLEX this July.

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