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Scrolling through your BritBox account, you will notice there are quite large numbers of good movies to watch every day, so choosing the available ones to watch this July always gets you confused. So, this post will bring the Good Movies on BritBox to Watch this 2022 July.

9 Best Good Movies on BritBox to Watch this 2022 July

Movies are more entertaining when it has good storylines or keeps you in suspense to worry about what will happen next. So when you watch good moves it helps in refreshing your mind.

List of Good Movies to Watch this July on BritBox

July is around the corner and there are a lot of good movies to watch on BritBox in the month that will make Your month more fun.

1. The Indian Doctor (season 1-3)

This is one of the good movies you can watch on BritBox this July. When a sleepy 1960s Welsh mining town’s only doctor dies, the only replacement the union representative could find arrives, straight from India. The creators of the movie are Deep Sehgal and Tom ware.

Cast: Ayesha Dharker, Senjeev Bhaskar, Mali Harries, Naomi Everson.

2. 127 Hours

A movie released in November 2010 and directed by Danny Boyle. It is about Aron Ralston, a mountain climber who is on a hiking adventure in Utah when he gets trapped in a canyon. Soon, he takes desperate measures to survive and struggles for 127 hours before he is rescued.

Cast: James Franco, Aaron Raiston, Kate Mara, Lizzy Caplan, Parker Hadley.

3. The Lady Vanishes is one of the Good Movies on BritBox to Watch this July

You can add “The lady vanishes” to the list of good movies you plan to watch on BritBox this July. Iris Carr a young socialite befriends an older woman while travelling by train. But soon, the woman disappears.

Cast: Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Paul Lukas, Dame May Whitty.

4. The State Within

A movie is available on BritBox to watch this July, directed by Micheal Offer Daniel Percival. After a plane explodes over Washington D.C. panic begins to envelop the British embassy, and its ambassador to the U.S. Mark Brydon finds himself caught up in a potentially damaging diplomatic incident.

Cast: Jason Isaacs,  Ben Daniels, Eva Birthistle, Neil Pearson, Genevieve ‘Reilly Sharon, Gless Noam Jenkins Ted, Whittall Christopher, Bolton Nigel Bennett.

5. Striking Out (season 1-2)

Striking out is one of the good season movies you can watch this July on BritBox. it is an Irish television Legal drama series produced  by Katie Holly about a shocking discovery that leaves solicitor Tara Rafferty striking out on her own, both professionally and personally

Cast: Amy Huberman, Neil Morrissey, Rory Keenan, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Brahm Gallagher.

6. Stuck on You is Among the Good Movies on BritBox to Watch this July

Bob and Walt, who are conjoined twins, own a restaurant in a small town. One day, Walt decides to pursue acting and to honour their childhood pact, the two travel to Hollywood to fulfil his dreams. The directors of this movie are Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly.

Cast: Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear,  Eva Mendes, Seymour Cassel, Cher.

7. In the Loop

This is yet one of the good and interesting movies to watch on BritBox this July. A political satire where Minister for International Development Simon Foster lands in trouble when he accidentally makes two contradictory statements about the Middle East war, during an interview.

Cast: Tom Hollander, Anna Chlumsky, Peter Capaldi, Gina Mckee.

8. The Virgin Queen

This movie features Sir Walter Raleigh, who wins favour with Queen Elizabeth I, in order to get financing for a proposed voyage to the New World. It was directed by Henry Koster and will be available on BritBox this July.

Cast: Bette Davis,  Richard Todd, Joan Collins, Herbert Marshall, Robert Douglas

9. Ae Fond Kiss is One of the Best Good Movies on BritBox to Watch this 2022 July

For the lovers of good love and romance movies, this is a must-watch, which is a love story set in Glasgow about a young Muslim man and an Irish Catholic woman who encounter strong opposition after beginning an affair.

Cast: Eva Birthistle, Shabana Bashsh, Ghizala Avan, Ahmad Riaz.


These are a list of good movies to watch this July. If you are a lover of action, love or comedy movies, you can just pick from any of these movies to watch and enjoy on BritBox in the month of July.

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