17 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Lagos State Nigeria | No. 16’s a Memorable Place

Lagos is a very beautiful and interesting place to be. It also has tons of places you and your kids can go to have some fun. From parks to museums to eateries to beaches and malls, this article is here to give you different options to choose from for you and your kids to have fun.

Lagos Kids Fun Places to Visit; Top 17 Places

Top 17 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Lagos State

I won’t lie to you; Lagos is a very fun city to be in and an even more interesting city to live in. Now let’s take a look at 17 fun places you can take your kids to;

1. Your First Stop Fun Place for Your Kids in Lagos Should be Apapa Amusement Park:

I mean what better place to take your kids to have fun than an amusement park? Apapa amusement park is ideal for your kids. They have so many rides for your kids, they also have fun indoor and outdoor activities for them.

2. Fun Factory:

This place is a recreational and entertainment spot for kids. Their facilities include toys, games, bouncy castles, train rides and all sorts to make your kids happy. It is literal in its name “Fun Factory”.

3. FuntasticaLand And Amusement Park:

With three branches located in Illupeju, Maryland and Festac here in Lagos state, this place is absolutely fun. FuntasticaLand and the amusement park have loads of exciting things too. And above all, it is quite affordable.

4. A Family Picnic Would be Fun. You can Take Yor Kids to Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park:

Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park, popularly known as JJT park is located in Alausa, Ikeja. This has become one of the most visited places this year, as a lot of people use this spot for picnics. JJT park is an ideal spot for a family picnic.

5. Fantasy Land:

This is one of the best amusement parks in Lagos state. Their services include children’s fun themes, food and other things to keep your kids entertained. It is located in Ikoyi.

6. Freedom Park:

This place is both a memorial and a leisure park. Personally, I’ve been here a couple of times and I can tell you that it would be a fun place for your kids. They have pepper soup, smoothies and different things for the stomach. This place also has swings and slides with aesthetically pleasing backgrounds for beautiful pictures.

7. National Museum in Lagos is One Fun Place You can Take Your Kids To:

National Museum is located at Onikan road, Ikoyi Lagos. It has a collection of Nigerian art including pieces of statuary. It has a lot of things that would make your kids go “wow”.

8. Maryland Mall:

Maryland mall, now called purple Maryland is located in Maryland Lagos state. This is a place for you and your kids to shop, eat and play with different options to choose from.

9. Landmark Beach:

This beach is a beautiful place you can take your kids to have fun. And in this Lagos, Landmark beach is one of the famous beaches around here. They have beach paintball, and beach volleyball and also have a kids club for your kids.

10. The Tenth Place on Our List that You can Take Your Kids in Lagos is The Ikeja City Mall:

Ikeja City Mall popularly called ICM is one of the biggest and most popular malls in Lagos. It is also the busiest mall in Lagos. It has a cinema and different food stalls for you and your kids.

11. Tarkwa Bay Beach:

Tarkwa bay beach is located on the island, and it is the only beach that is accessible by water. This beach is as popular as Landmark beach. You can take your kids here for fun boat rides.

12. Burger King:

Burger king has come to Nigeria and is in Lagos. With about 3 branches in Gbagada, Yaba, Ajose and Festac, they serve the best burgers you and your kids could ever hope to taste.

13. One of The Places You Should Take Your Kids to Is the Ice Cream Factory in Lagos:

We all know how much kids love ice cream, even we adults love ice cream. Ice cream factory as the name implies is one of the best places you can get ice cream for your kids here in Lagos state.

14. Nike Art Gallery:

Nike art gallery is the home to West Africa’s largest collection of traditional and contemporary arts. This gallery is one of the most visited places in Lagos due to its beauty and popularity in housing different forms of art.

15. Point of No Return:

This place holds historical stories and it also has a beautiful architectural design. This is the original slave route. It is often said back in those days that if you were taken to this place there was no guarantee of your return, hence the name “Point Of No Return”.

It is located on Gberefu island, Badagry. While you are at Badagry, you might as well take your kids to see the first-storey building in Lagos.

16. The Badagry Heritage Museum is One Fun Place for Your Kids in Lagos:

Badagry Heritage Museum also known as the Black Heritage Museum Badagry and is one of the oldest tourist attraction sites in Nigeria. The museum is divided into 8 different sections showcasing different relics within the museum.

17. Upbeat:

Save the best for the last right? Lastly is Upbeat. This place has tons of activities for your kids. Upbeat is located in Lekki. Ranging from foam pits to go-carts, to tumble track to virtual reality to dodge ball and loads of other fun stuff for you and your kids.


In conclusion, Lagos is relatively the busiest state in Nigeria. With the traffic and stressful order of the day. You and your kids deserve to relax and have some fun. There are tons of fun places for you and your kids in this Lagos, but I hope this short compilation above helps you in deciding on fun places.

Personally, I’ve been to about 5 of the above-listed places and I can vouch for them. Beautiful places with amazing facilities. Have fun with your kids and remember “Eko o ni baje o”!

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