21 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Kano State Nigeria | Make Sure You Visit No. 1

Children; be they male or female are energetic beings, and they like to play and have fun. Kano state is the centre of commerce and has cool places You can take Your kids. I am here to give you a list of some fun places to take your kids in Kano state.

Kano Kids Fun Places to Visit; Top 21

Top 21 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Kano State

Kids love to play and have some fun. Left to them, they might as well spend their whole lives having fun rather than being in school. Here are 21 fun places in kano state, Nigeria;

1. Your First Stop Fun Place for Your Kids Should be the Emir’s palace in Kano:

When you stay in a Northern state or you’re visiting, you know your first stop should be the Emir’s palace. The architectural design is a sight to behold. Also referred to as the Gidan Rumfa is a nice place to take your kids to see the culture of the royalty of the people of Kano.

2. Gidan Makama Museum:

This place was built to preserve the rich history of Kano. Who doesn’t love history? I know I do and I’m sure your kids do too. History often comes in form of storytelling and we know stories are one thing kids love to hear.

3. Challawa Gorge Dam:

A dam is created to be a source of power. But this particular dam is used for other purposes. This dam is used for swimming, fishing and other daily essentials. And if perhaps, you’re not up to swimming in a dam you can go there for sightseeing.

4. Ado Bayero Mall:

If you do not visit a mall, then your fun trips are incomplete. A mall is a place with different stalls and stores where you can buy almost everything. Take your kids shopping at this mall and they’d be the happiest.

5. Eating can be Fun for Your Kids, Why not Try Pizza And Burger Hott in Kano?:

Sometimes your kids would get tired of eating food. They need to have a taste of something else, like pizza yes! Take your kids out to eat pizza and watch them and their tongues dance for joy. They have a variety of pizza flavours and burgers with soft drinks. It’

6. Filmhouse Cinema, Kano:

Filmhouse cinema has several branches around the country, and they didn’t leave Kano behind. You can take your kids to the cinema to watch a family movie or take them to watch Tom & Jerry or something.

7. Dala Hill:

If you ever want to experience a form of higher elevation, Dala Hill is the place for you o. Dala Hill gives a magnificent view of kano with the rooftops giving off a pleasant countryside atmosphere.

8. Audu Bako Zoo:

Tourists often visit this place. It is shaded by trees which makes it a temperature relaxation spot that can be used for family picnics. You can take your kids here to either see the zoo or have a family picnic. It of course has various animals that would make your kids fascinated.

9. What Better Place for Your Kids to Have Fun than Roxy Amusement Park, Kano:

Roxy amusement park, Kano is the most ideal place you can take your kids to have fun. They have everything to make your kids have fun from merry-go-rounds to slides and anything that can help your kids let off steam.

10. Hills And Valleys Amusement Park:

Hills and Valleys Amusement Park is ideal for a family afternoon relaxation. It has a pool with various kiddie rides. It also has a place you can lodge in.

11. Sani Abacha Stadium:

With a maximum capacity of hosting up to 25,000 people, Sani Abacha is one of the biggest stadiums in Nigeria. You can take your kids here to have some fun while watching football matches.

12. Marietta’s Pizza:

If you’re ever in the mood to eat pizza with your kids, Marietta’s pizza should be your number one stop. They have different flavours of pizza to suit your and your kid’s taste buds.

13. Love Garden in Kano is a Fun Place for You and Your Kids:

Love garden in Kano is located at the university of Kano. This place is open not only to students and lecturers but also to local ties and visitors. You can take your kids here to relax and have some fun.

14. Chopsticks Kano:

Chopsticks are a form of cutlery used to eat in China. Right about now you already know what this place is about. They have all the China delicacies here. Your kids also deserve a taste of foreign meals, I’m sure they’d find it exciting.

15. Jalsa:

This Jalsa restaurant has a beautiful interior decoration and they have all sorts from masala dosa to chicken and chips to waffles, to basmati rice to spaghetti Bolognese. What’s more, they even have ice cream. We all know how much kids love ice cream.

16. Kano City Wall:

This wall has historical meaning. It was built to protect the residents of Kano from external attacks. This place is also a tourist attraction site in Kano.

17. Your Kids are Sure to Have Fun Eating at 355 Restaurant & Lounge Kano:

This place is just too amazing if you ask me. This is one of the best restaurants in Kano. They serve delicious meals. They have ice cream in different flavours for your kids too. 355 Restaurant & Lounge also offers indoor and outdoor dining – amazing right?

18. Kofar Mata Marina:

The Kofar Mata Marina or the Kofar Mata Dyeing Pits is part of the history of ancient Kano. Clothes are dyed in these pits to make aesthetically pleasing designs on them. Your kids are sure to “wow” at this place.

19. Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport:

This airport is located in Kano and is the first and oldest international airport in Nigeria. There have excellent eateries you can take your kids to have a nice meal. There are also nice shops for you and your kids to go shopping or window shopping depending on the size of your pocket.

20. Snap Café & Resto:

I’m a hundred per cent sure your kids would love to be taken to this place. It is like the home of dessert in Kano. They have varieties of junk foods ranging from cakes to fries, to chicken and chips and all sorts.

21. Your Kids are Sure to Have Fun at Kurmi Market in Kano:

This is another place in Kano that shares the history of ancient Kano. This place is an active centre of trade in Africa, upholding the slogan of “Centre of Commerce”. You can get any of the Hausa cultural things here.


You definitely should visit at least five of these places if not all. And if by chance you are in Kano state with your kids, you should take your kids to at least one of these places to have fun.

If perhaps you’re looking to spoil your kids with lots of fun and enjoyment, and you don’t know anywhere in Kano state to take them. Look no further, because this list is for you. Have fun with your kids, or as the Hausas say “Kuyi Nishadi”.

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