5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Ekiti State | No. 5’s a Must Visit

Ekiti is one of the most popular among the Yoruba states. It is famous for its wonderful hills. Besides, there are lots of fun places to take your girlfriend to Ekiti state. Places that would help you both know each other better. If the places you’ve been taken your girlfriend to have been a little boring, try out these places and see the difference.

5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Ekiti State

There is nothing like your relationship being made stronger. This can be boosted by going to fun places. These fun places in Ekiti state will give you the opportunity of discovering different things about each other. It will offer adventure, fun, and romance.

The Places to Take Her to in Ekiti

What you will get here are the top Fun and exciting Places to Take Your Girlfriend to in Ekiti State to spend quality time together. One thing to take into account is your girlfriend’s wellbeing. Not going out for a dinner, calling, or chatting always is all that does it. If you need more space in your relationship, then you need to step up the game.

Going to fun and exciting places other than the restaurant will help you know each other better. It brings a great experience you would never forget. So, let’s take a look at these places:

1 – Orole hills

Are you are looking for a place to get a wonderful view of the perfect work of Mother Nature? Why don’t you try out the Orole Hills? As Ekiti state is well-known for its hills, this hill is so popular. This is based on a myth. It is quite known that the orole hill was once a woman. She was taken as a goddess of prosperity. Up till now, it is still being worshipped.

Other Fun Locations to Take Her to in Ekiti State

2 – Erin Ayonigba Sacred Fish River

As the name implies ‘sacred fish’, there is a species of fish that is highly respected in the place. It’s none other than the Catfish. It is so highly respected that the fish can’t be caught not even to eat. It is highly prohibited in the town of Erinjiyan-Ekiti. The species is so much of a colony. Try out this place and get to know more reasons the fish is not eaten.

3 – Esa cave

The esa cave has a great history than you can ever imagine. It is among the Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Ekiti state. If your girl is more of an adventure person, the Esa cave is one great place you need to try out. It is well known to have sheltered about thirty-four thousand persons at that time.

It was not just a shelter but a protector of the people. During the ongoing war in the land, the people moved to the cave. It is quite a remarkable place to explore.

More Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Ekiti State

4 – Osun river source

This is an awesome sight to behold. Although worshipped by the people of Osogbo in Osun state, it is located in the town of Igbeti-Ekiti . the river is believed to be a goddess that cures barrenness and gives children. The river is highly worshipped and it’s sacred as well.

5 – The ikogosi warm spring

The ikogosi warm spring showcase another great work of mother nature. When hot and cold water mixes, what does it become? If you are a science student, you ought to know the answer.  The spring is actually a confluence where hot spring and cold spring meet. It flows as a single stream and it’s made warm at the end. Isn’t that awesome?

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