11 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Yobe State | No. 2’s a Must Visit

Yobe state is one of the states in the northern part of Nigeria. It has about 2.8 million people. The capital of the state is Damaturu and has a major ethnic group called “Fulani”.  Yobe state has lots of lucrative places that you can visit, there are also fun places that you can take your girlfriend to in Yobe State.

11 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Yobe State

Haven said all this, if you’re interested in knowing more about what it’s all about, it is simple. Pay rapt attention because all you need to know will be explicitly explained in this article.

Top Hotels To Stay In Yobe State

Have you gone on a journey and you don’t have any place to stay?. The answer is always in the affirmative for most people. This is true especially when you go to a foreign land where you have no family, friends, people e.t.c.

Yobe state has conducive and comfortable hotels to stay in, so there are top hotels to relax when you take your girlfriend out for fun in the state.

They are given below:

  • Lale Guest Inn Limited
  • Gaat Hotel Limited
  • Zadiah Hotel
  • Oasis Hotel Damaturu
  • Classic Montage Motel
  • Hayas Guest Inn
  • Rahama Lodge
  • City Rollers Hotel
  • Tamir Guest House Potiskum
  • Gonlaka Guest Inn.

7 of the Best Tourist Site in Yobe State

Yobe is a state where you will find tourists site. It is full of rivers and channels, natural marvels and sites that are amazing to behold. This has attracted visitors both nationally and internationally. So if you want to take your girlfriend to a fun place in Yobe state, visit these tourist sites.

Below are the attractive tourist’s sites in the state.

  1. Fika Town.
  2. Tulu-Toluwa.
  3. Dokshi Spring Water.
  4. Goya Valley.
  5. Kamti Festival.
  6. Barakau festival.
  7. Bade fishing and cultural festival.

4 other Interesting Places You can Take Your Girlfriend to in Yobe State

There are a lot of Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Yobe State to spend some quality and exciting time with each other. Adventures and travels with loved ones always bring memorable experiences.

Due to the development of Yobe state, there are lots of fun places you can take your girlfriend to. Here, I am going to tell you all the interesting places you can explore.

These are:

8. Dangona Bird’s sanctuary is a very interesting environment. It is located in dangona village of bade local government. It has bird’s of various species and has been made a natural park.

9. Dufua canoe is another interesting place. It is the oldest canoe in Africa. You can see it at river Yobe, it was discovered by a Fulani herdsman in May 1986 in dufuna valley. This is one of my favourite fun Places you can take Your Girlfriend to in Yobe State.

10. Bula Tura oases, Nguru is a dune in a semi-desert zone Nguru. It has a beautiful scenery and a very good landscape.

11. Finally, the Daura old settlement is really worth it.It is situated about 11 kilometres South of Dogon-Kuka office damaturu potassium road in fune local government area. It is located between 3 hills and has an ancient well that is over 200 years old.

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