18 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Rivers State | No. 2’s a Must Visit

If you don’t know the fun places to take your girlfriend to in Rivers State, then your problem is finally solved in this article as its main purpose is to shed light on it.

18 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Rivers State

Having fun is one of the fundamental or basis of human life due to it helping to lower the rate of depression and share the love. In a relationship, it is normal for you to take your other part out for a fun.

If you want to know more about what this is about, it isn’t hard. In a simple and detailed manner, this post I will tell you all it is about because that is the main purpose

Top 10 Fun Places to Live in Rivers State

Rivers State has conducive places you can live if you want to change location or migrate. One of the best areas to stay in is Port Harcourt itself, which is a city in the place. The city is also the capital of this state and is one of the most high-class districts in Nigeria as a whole.

Rivers State is a civilized community with refurbished and thrilling sites, with a lot of development is ongoing in the state. Here’s a list of Fun Places you can stay with your Girlfriend in FCT Abuja.

  • Peter Odili Road PH,
  • Amadi Flat PH & Forces Avenue
  • Woji PH
  • Akpajo PH
  • Elekahia Housing Estate PH
  • Marine Base PH
  • Tank Elimbu PH
  • Oyigbo PH
  • Diobu PH
  • Ogbunabali PH.

9 Other Interesting Places to Take My Girlfriend to in Rivers State

There are a lot of Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Rivers State to spend some quality and exciting time with each other. Deciding to spend some time with your girlfriend? You should consider Rivers State. The state has exciting places that will assist in communicating your love and affection to her.

Thus, there are so many places to hang out to have fun with your girlfriend in Rivers State but there are just some to it in this section of the article.

  1. Spice route
  2. Le Meridien ogeyi place
  3. Red coral Port Harcourt.
  4. Eastern Garden Chinese restaurant.
  5. Jevenik restaurant Port Harcourt
  6. Pleasure park.
  7. Faarah Coffee Lounge
  8. Isaac boro park.
  9. Township Mega plaza.

Thus, haven understood what the subject matter entails, make the lovely to hang out with your girlfriend in these fun places at Rivers State.

9 Top Notch Tourist Sites in Rivers State

This State is a good tourist site. Tourism is handled by the FCT ministry of culture and tourism. They are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring policies are implemented, the culture of the region is promoted and there are tourist sites to view to boost the economic growth of the state. They are also fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in FCT Abuja.

The ministry’s focus is to put in place programmes and events that attract intentional, national and local tourists.

Therefore, if you’re considering a tourist site to visit, it is a great option. I will give you a list of the best places you can visit.

These are:

10. Cultural Centre

11. Port Harcourt

12. Finima Beach

13. Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

14. Statue of King Jaja of Opobo (This is one of the Best Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Rivers State)

15. Rivers State Museum

16. The Cultural Centre on Bonny Street

17. Okrika Aquatic Stadium

18. Water-glass Boatyard

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