13 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Gaming Monitor | Don’t Miss No. 13

For most people using a PC is not the problem, the problem is getting a monitor that will be best for them. So if you are among them, in this article you will get the major factors to consider when buying a gaming monitor.

13 Factors to Consider When Buying a Gaming Monitor

When speaking of gaming monitors everyone would always put their mind to the fact that they will always go for the perfect monitor. But just exactly what is the perfect monitor for you and your gaming setup.

13 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Gaming Monitor

When buying a gaming monitor you do not just consider factors based on what you like, you also consider your PC and the environment you’re setting it up on. Do not panic whichever the case may be here are the 13 important factors to consider when buying a gaming monitor.

This important factors list I have put together was gotten from both my experience as well as other people’s own and also from the internet. So here they come:

1 – Panel

The panel is the number one thing you want to look at for a gaming monitor because the screen is made up of the panel. There are 2 different types of panels that we have out there for gaming monitors there are TN, VA and IPS. They all have their own different strengths and limitations like response time colour accuracy and more. That being said try to pick a monitor that is best for your budget your eyes and then your pc.

2 – Size

The size of your gaming monitor totally depends on you. This is because depending on what you want you can either go for a big size monitor or a small size one. Sometimes you might even want to opt for a big TV instead. Just decide which is the best size for you 24inch is usually the middle ground.

3 – Resolution

The price of a monitor get increased depending on the resolution it comes with. 1080p is said to be the standard of things in the past however that has changed. We now have 1440p monitors 4k and more out there being used. Make sure to pick a monitor with a resolution that your PC can carry and fits in your budget.

4 – Viewing Angle

I personally dislike any monitor or display screen with a bad viewing angle. This might just be only my personal taste but for anybody looking to buy a gaming monitor pick a good one with a good display angle.

5 – Response Time

When it comes to response time if you are going to be gaming used to pick a monitor with a low response time. Especially if you are going to be doing competitive gaming inngames such as Fortnite and others.

6 – Refresh Rate

Just like response time refresh rate also plays an important role, Which will affect your gaming performance. Refresh rate is measured Hertz (Hz). The refresh rate ranges from 60hz in normal monitors to above 240hz in professional ones. The only catch is that the high refresh rate is powered by higher graphic cards. So pick a monitor that its refresh rate can be powered by your graphics card.

7 – Output Ports

They are major to type of output ports which are the DisplayPort and HDMI port. All you have to do here is to make sure that your monitor has the same display port as your CPU.

8 – Aspect Ratio

If you are a beginner gamer go for the more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio to start your career. Then when this gain a little bit of moment when you feel like you can go for a curved 21:9 monitor for professional. Although it’s budget and CPU dependent.

9 – Brightness

Brightness is one of the main concerns if you are going to be working or using your gaming monitor for long periods of time. Some panels and are deeply lit while others are brightly lit so make sure to select the one that suits your environment.

10 – Budget

Everyone wants the best monitor possible for their gaming PC however this is not always so realistic because of budget. Depending on the budget you have go for the monitor that is best suited for it.

11 – Curved or Flat Monitor

Not everyone likes Curved screens, but to be honest it’s great. Although, Flat monitors also have their own advantages as they can’t easily develop issues.  So depending on your preference make sure to choose the one that will fit well in the place you’re setting your entire setup on.


Yeah, this is another factor to consider, so users that are already used to devices that have LED backlight features are to consider Monitors that have it also.

13 – If the monitor has a Speaker

Not, all Monitors comes with Speaker, as they are just basically known as display units. But, due to innovation a lot of them comes with speakers. So, users are to check if the Gaming Monitor they are wanting to buy has a speaker if they like to know how it feels.

14 – The Manufacturer or Brand

Now, this is one of the most important Factors every Gamer has to consider when trying to get a Gaming Monitor. Yeah, it’s even supposed to be the Number “1” factor users are to consider as they are lots of Brands for them to select. Below are top Monitor Brands user’s can consider buying when setting up their working of gaming space;

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Acer
  • Alienware
  • AOC
  • Asus
  • BenQ
  • LG
  • NEC
  • Planar
  • Samsung
  • ViewSonic

The above is currently the best brands that produce quality Gaming Monitors. So, users are to ensure they select and buy one of the above brand’s monitors. Open this link to get a detailed report about all the above mentioned Gaming Monitor Brands.


Gaming is one of the things that almost everybody wants to invest in. You might not be investing in a gaming PC setup but you might have invested in a PS4, PS5 or even an Xbox series X and S.

However, when it comes to PC gaming you are in a totally different world. Because you have to build a custom pc and then buy a suitable monitor. Just know that You can always depend on the above factors, if not enough You also check out video reviews of the Monitor that you want to buy.

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