StarTimes 2021 Subscription Prices, Packages, Bouquets and How to Subscribe | CHECK NOW

All StarTimes users that are have been looking forward to the subscription prices of 2021 should prepare their wallets as I would be giving you the prices below. So far, the subscription has not been hitting Nigerians easy as Startimes has increased its prices for its various bouquets by an average of 22%.

StarTimes 2021 Subscription Prices, Packages, Bouquets and How to Subscribe | CHECK NOW

Startimes increase in subscriptions prices by Startimes as a result of some factors that include the federal Government VAT that increases effective February 1, 2020, and the impact of the rate of foreign exchange on its business. So, as a StarTimes user, you should erase the old subscription prices of your head as some extra price has been added to it.

Startimes Subscription Prices 2021

Starting from August 1, 2020, StarTimes subscribers are required to make a payment of N1,700 as against N1,300 monthly in other to enjoy about 80 channels. the same for all the other subscription that I would be stating for you below.

1. Classic Bouquet

The classic Bouquet is cost about 2,500 as against N1,900 monthly just to enjoy up to 100 channels.

2. Basic Bouquet

This bouquet cost about 1,700 Naira monthly. It only comes with about 40 StarTimes channels.

3. Nova Bouquet

The Nova Bouquet is cost about 1900 naira per month. It contains about 31 TV channels.

For all DTH (Dish) users:

  1. Smart bouquet subscribers would be required to make a payment of N2,200 as against N1,900 monthly.
  2. Super Bouquet subscribers would be required to pay N4,200 as against N3, 800 monthly.
  3. Nova bouquet remain unchanged as it remains at N900 with over 43 exciting channels.

Dish Bouquets

Startimes comes with 5 different amazing dish bouquet of which you must find one really interesting.

  1. StarTimes Chinese

This bouquet is cost of about 6,600 naira per month and it contains about 20 TV channels.

  1. StarTimes Super

Costs 4,200 per month and it contains 25 TV channels

  1. StarTimes Smart Bouquet

Costs 2,200 Naira per month and it contains about 40 TV channels.

  1. StarTimes Sports plus

The Costs is 1,200 Naira per month and it comes with about 4 TV channels:

  1. StarTimes Nova

Cost about 900 naira per month and it holds about 29 channels.

StarTimes Daily Subscriptions

Unlike others TV programme providers, Startimes has a special feature that you would not find in any other TV programme provider which is the “Daily Plans”. The available daily plans include:

  • StarTimes Sports VIP Daily – 100 Naira
  • StarTimes Max VIP Daily – 200 Naira

For more information on StarTimes bouquets, visit the StarTimes website or use the company’s contact details to get in touch with them.

How to Subscribe Startimes

As a new StarTimes Subscriber with no idea on how to Subscribe your Startimes Decoder, follow the steps below to do so.

  1. first, switch in your Decoder
  2. after that, sign up or log in using your email address and password
  3. choose a TV show from the list of services
  4. choose StarTimes
  5. enter your smart card number and your desired top-up amount.
  6. After that, complete the payment using your debit or your bank account on the secure payment platform.

With this, you have successfully subscribed to your StarTimes decoder.