11 of the Best Apps Like Showbox | Amazing Alternatives to Use on Your Android or iOS Device

In this article, I will be showing you good apps for watching movies and TV series online like Showbox. No doubt, Showbox was one of the best apps for free movie download streaming and more however it stopped working. And after a long time, it is not yet back and we do not know if it will ever come back.

11 of the Best Apps Like Showbox | Amazing Alternatives to Use on Your Android or iOS Device

I know so many people like me missed this application a lot as it has formed a good memory in our minds. So if you are like me and you miss Showbox and you are looking for other apps just like it then you are on the right article.

Why was Showbox so Popular During its Time?

Every great platform always has certain things they are doing right that makes them popular and blows them up all over the world. Showbox was no different in fact they had so many things right which other movie streaming apps did not get right. Here are some of the reasons why the Showbox app was so popular in the first place:

  • Firstly because the Showbox application was very to use.
  • The application was available for the three major platforms, which are Android, iOS and PC.
  • It had a search box that helped users easily find what they are looking for.
  • It has a very much needed download feature that lets you download movies if you do not want to stream them.
  • It had a light easy-to-use interface that users understand easily.
  • Finally, all its contents were in HD quality.

If you used Showbox in the past you will know that all these features are mentioned above are correct. So without any doubt, I think these are the features that made Showbox as popular as it was back in the day.

11 of the Best Showbox Alternatives to Use in 2021

It is natural to want to replace something that you lost or in this case, something that is no longer working. Everyone at a certain point in time must have had something that was working that stopped working and then is replaced by another fully-working one.

Whether it is the same as the one you replaced does not matter as long as it gives you the same functionality. That is why I am going to be giving you 11 new apps to replace Showbox if you miss them. These apps can also be called the best Showbox alternatives. So without further waste of time let us take a look at these apps.

1 – Stremio

This platform gives you access to a vast collection of movies, TV shows documentaries and even YouTube channels. The most important thing is that unlike show box this platform actually has the legal right to its contents.

Another way bits better than Showbox is because it’s streams content from most of the major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and others. The application is available for both Android and iOS uses to download. On the other hand, this application is also readily available for Linux and Windows devices and it’s totally free to use.

2 – Pluto TV

Pluto.tv is also appearing on this list because it is also free to use as Showbox. It has thousands of users that binge-watch its content on a daily basis. Pluto TV also has over 200 TV channels that you can watch to keep you entertained. Auto has access to some of the classic movies just like James Bond and more.

Pluto TV is totally free like as I have mentioned above but it displays ads on a regular basis.

3 – Peacock TV

Peacock TV is probably one of the best you will find on this list they have one of the best original movies collection. Some of their original TV shows and movies are fans favourites today and it also offers free movies just like Showbox.

While most of its contents are free not all can be viewed for free however with a little token of $4.99 a month you have access to its entire contents including its originals. If you ask me the price is totally worth the content will be getting on this platform.

4 – Popcorn time

This app popcorn time is simply one of the closest alternatives you will get to Showbox. And just like Showbox, you are guaranteed to get whatever movie you are looking for. This app finds you torrent versions of whatever you are searching for and brings them out.

On the bright side, this app is totally free to use and is available on the major platforms we have. You can download this application from the website for mobile and PC users.

5 – Crackle

Crackle is one of the best apps you will ever find this is because it is owned by Sony and is a mega app for streaming and saving movies. We all know Sony is one of the biggest movie producers and having this app is having access to make the majority of Sony movies.

Though this app has limited content available if the catalogue is updated monthly for you to enjoy. It also lets you save movies and support subtitles.

6 – Tubi TV

I will tell you right now that Tubi TV is great for all free movie streaming individuals out there. This platform gives you access to movies, TV shows documentaries and more. One of the important things is that his movies are in full HD format.

Tubi is also an illegal content streaming platform as it has been acquired by Fox. The only downside I can see to this platform is that he does not have many new movies.

7 – Kodi

Kodi is more on the newer side of streaming services. Though this platform is new it gives you access to live shows and events, movies. TV series and more.

The main issue with Kodi is that its interface is not as users friendly as it is supposed to be. Although once you have managed to set it up and are familiar with the interface you will find it very interesting. One other thing that this platform has that others don’t is its access to gaming content.

8 – Vudu

Vudu gives you access to watch tens of thousands of content for free but with ads. So if you are not much into that this could be a turn off for you. Besides that, it’s a great alternative for people in the US and also offers its contents in HD quality.

This app is owned by Walmart and you can log in using your account. There are hundreds of major TV shows that you can watch and keep you entertained on this application.

9 – Playbox HD

Playbox HD as the name suggests only gives you movies and shows with HD quality unlike most movie streaming apps out there. This app is home the hundreds of TV shows, movies and more just for your viewing pleasure.

This application is available to download for both Android and iOS And the most important thing is that it feature an easy to use interface.

10 – CinemaBox

Not only does this application gives you access to the latest movies and TV series it also has a vast catalogue of musical content for your listening pleasure. Cinemabox is one of the top Android and iOS movie streaming apps out there with quality service.

One thing that this application does that other apps do not is that it can adjust the quality of streaming to match the speed of your internet. So if you have very good speeding internet then expect very good qualities of the stream.

11 – Roku Channel

Roku is one of the best alternatives that is as close to Showbox as you will ever get. There are lots of free content and shining on this platform that you can use for free.

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