Top 19 Best Driving Schools in Cross River State Nigeria

Attending a driving school is the first criterion for getting a license in Nigeria, and this article is going to provide you with the best driving schools in Cross River State. So, if you’re in Cross River this article will be very useful.

Best Cross River Driving Schools Near You; Top 19 Schools

19 Best Driving Schools in Cross River State Nigeria

Below  are the 19 driving schools in Cross River State that are considered to be the best

1. Ace Centre Ltd. Calabar

Ace is definitely one of the best driving schools in Cross River State. It is located at 59 Ekpo Abasi Street right in the state capital: Calabar.

2. Excellence Driving School

Next, we have excellence, it is one of the best driving schools that those around the shopping complex in Obudu can have access to. It is located at Ikom 44 Shopping Centre Obudu Road, Ikom Cross River.

3. Afcyra Driving School

In third place, Afcyra is another really good driving school located at 131 MCC Road Calabar. So for those living around that area, you can consider Afcyra.

4. Covenant Driving School is considered one of the Best Driving Schools in Abi Cross River State

In the fourth place, we have Covenant driving school. It is located at No. 2, Itigidi Grounds Square Abi LGA. Feel free to check them out.

5. Crown of Scandinavian Driving School

As has been noted, the majority of these schools are located in Calabar. For those living around the diamond hill, there’s a driving school at No. 1B Diamond Hill, Calabar.

6. Daniel Driving School

Daniel’s driving school is also a good option for those living in Ikot Ansa. You can locate their office at No. 189, Old Odukpani Road Ikot Ansa Calabar.

7. Heritage Driving School is also considered to be among the Best Driving Schools in Cross River

Heritage will provide you with all the knowledge you need so far as driving is concerned. You can find them at Suite 105 Victory Plaza Marian road Calabar.

8. Akah Driving School is one of the Best  Driving Schools in Igoli, Cross River State

If you’re in Igoli or live close to Igoli your best option would be Akah driving school, located at No.23 Calabar Street Igoli Ogoja.

9. Faith Driving School

Faith driving school will help you transform into a very responsible driver while also helping you to reduce recklessness. Their office is located at 11 Ekong Etta Street Calabar. They’ll be happy to train you.

10. Kings Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools around NEPA junction in Cross River 

Kings is considered one of the best driving schools in Cross River because they teach their students good driving techniques as well as knowledge for practical driving.  They are located at NEPA junction Calabar.

11. NESLEY Driving School

NESLEY on the other hand exposes their students to various abilities as well as exposing them to technological advancements in the field of driving. You can find them at No. 97 Goldie Street Calabar.

12. Shepherd Driving School is also considered one of the Best Driving Schools in Obori street Calabar

Shepherd driving school will teach you how to avoid all driving risks on the road. Their teachers are very passionate about what they do too and of course, they make sure their students learn fast.

13. Beta Driving School

Beta driving school is obviously a supplement for driving handouts and books. They also provide real hands-on experience for all their students. For those interested, their location is at 173 Murtala Mohammed Highway Calabar.

14. Victor Driving School

Victor driving school is also among the best driving schools in Calabar, Cross River State. They are so invested in teaching their students the best driving practices while on the road. The school is located at 4 Mariam Road Calabar.

15. DS and I Driving School

DS and I Driving school have a track record of transforming its students into very responsible drivers who also have safety as their priority. If you live around Effio-Ette Junction, Calabar then this might just be the school you’re looking at.

16. AC Bright Motor’s Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools around Mohammed Highway, Cross River State

AC motor has a driving school that is charged with the responsibility of making sure their students are not just exposed to driving as a skill alone but also in helping them focus on safety.

17. City Wheel Driving School

City wheel driving school will make sure you’re up to date with all the rules and regulations of driving as well as the driving Laws for your state. It is located at No.12 Etta Agbor Layout, Behind Ujimco Filling Station Calabar.

18. Bib Concept Driving School

Bib is located at No. 76 Ndidem Usang-Iso/Marian road Calabar. This driving school will teach you proper driving skills and how to gain good driving habits. In fact, they’ll help you identify and correct bad driving habits.

  19. Stephen Driving School is also among the Best Driving Schools in Cross River 

Lastly, we have Stephen driving School. They have the needed experience in teaching people how to drive as well as exposing them to driving etiquette.


Like I said earlier, Cross River has a lot of driving schools however I’m sure I’ve exposed you to the best. Though most of them are located in Calabar, other local governments also have really nice schools that can train you and your family.

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