Top 17 Best Driving Schools in Benue State Nigeria

There are different driving schools in Benue state, so all you are to do is to choose among the best of all others to attend. Also, make sure the driving school you are to attend is approved by the federal road safety commission.

Benue Best Driving Schools Near You: Top 17 Schools

Surely, you will definitely find good driving schools where you will get all the required skills you need to learn how to drive. Besides, we will definitely help you out with the best driving schools in Benue State.

Best Driving Schools in Benue State Nigeria

Below are some of the driving schools you will find in Benue state. And, they are as follows:

1. Perfect Touch Driving School

Perfect touch is a very good driving school to enrol in to get the best knowledge in driving. So, you can simply contact them to make adequate inquiries about how they operate.

2. Goodluck Driving School

This is a place where you will get very standard training to enable you to become a professional driver in Benue state.

3. Classic Model Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Benue State

An efficient driving school in Benue State that has staff that are very patient with their students receiving driving lessons. So, note that attending this school will surely be a great idea.

4. Oracle Driving School

You can consider registering in this school to become a professional driver. And, this school is among the best driving schools in Benue state.

5. ADB Driving Institute

Another good driving school to attend is ADB, they offer the best service when it comes to teaching their clients how to drive. Besides, you can hire them at an affordable rate.

6. Beta Driving School is Among the Best Driving Schools in Benue State

Beta driving school is a very reliable driving school where you will get the basic skills and knowledge in driving. So, hurry up and enrol with them if you are in Benue State.

7. UFES Driving School

In this driving school, you will get to learn the theoretical and practical parts of driving a vehicle. Besides, if you reside near king Shuluwa road in Makurdi, you will easily locate this driving school.

8. Adotse and Otse Driving Academy

This is another good driving academy that gives you the best training when it comes to driving. So, you can definitely consider enrolling in their driving lessons.

9. National Driving School is Included in the Best Driving Schools in Benue State

It is always advisable to attend a driving school while learning how to drive for safety precautions. And, national driving school is among the top driving schools to attend in Benue State.

10. Shanna Driving School

If you are staying beside Abuking Shuluwa road in Markudi, you can easily locate this driving school. Moreover, they will offer you the best training in driving.

11. Alex International Driving School

Alex international is another driving school with the approval of the federal road safety commission. So, you are definitely on the safe side if you plan on attending this driving school.

12. Jinka Specialist Driving School: Best Driving Schools in Benue State

Benue State also has another driving school known as Jinka specialist driving school. And, they also offer great services in teaching you how to drive.

13. Tripod Driving School

Also, tripod driving school is another standard driving school to attend if you are willing to learn how to drive.

14. Onogwu Driving School

The location of Onogwu driving school is number 63, Ankpa road in Makurdi. However, it is a good choice of driving school to attend.

15. Linklish Dynamic Driving School is on the List of the Best Driving Schools in Benue State

A driving school that also has the approval of federal road safety.  So, this is among the standard driving schools in Benue state.

16. Ok Professional Driving School

One of the driving schools where you can learn all the basics of driving. Also, your ability to master driving depends on your willingness to learn.

17. Unity Driving school

Lastly, this is also another standard driving school that offers a very solid standard in teaching Thor clients how to drive.


However, it is essential you make inquiries well before about a driving school before resuming any driving lessons with them. And, attending a driving school that has the approval of the federal road Safety commission is indeed very necessary.

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