5 of the Best Boarding Schools in Cross River State Nigeria | No. 1’s Top Notch

It is a great idea for you to always choose among the best boarding schools to attend in Cross river state. Surely, there are a lot of good boarding schools in cross river state, but picking out the best for your child to attend can be sometimes tasking.

Best Boarding Schools Cross River Nigeria; 5 Options

Acquiring good education from a good school provides stability in life. And, it is something no one can take from you. So, parents should give their children the opportunity to attend a good and standard school. This will enable your children to become productive in life.

5 Best Boarding Schools to Attend in Cross River state

Are you looking for one of the best boarding schools in Cross river state? Here we will be listing some of the best boarding schools. And they include:

1. Nigeria Navy Secondary school, Calabar

This is one of the best boarding schools to attend in Cross river state. It is a school that is managed by the Nigerian navy. They offer good educational services and discipline to their students. Also, a lot of great people in Nigeria attended this school.so, you can consider enrolling your child in this school.

2. Holy child secondary school

At HCSS Calabar, your child will enjoy a wide range of experiences that bring the curriculum to life and make learning fun. Also, all our staff works hard to ensure the best possible quality of education for the children in every year group. And, they also help children develop their self-confidence.

3. One of the Best Boarding Schools in Cross River State is Federal Government College, Ikom 

Federal government college, Ikom is at Cross River (state). However, FGC Ikom’s primary objective is to give the best knowledge to its students. They produce graduates who have acquired the right Knowledge, Skill, and Discipline to Enable them to compete favorably in a challenging society.

However, in this school, your child will have a solid foundation. Also, privately owned and government-approved co-educational. It is a boarding and day school founded in 2012 to provide quality education in an enabling environment with necessary facilities. So, this is also the right choice of school for your child.

4. St Patrick’s College Ikot-Ansa Calabar

Also, this is one of the best boarding schools in Cross river state. Importantly, the secondary school has been standing tall among top secondary schools in the state. The academic and extra curriculum facilities in the institution is great. And, the school also boosts highly qualified teachers and tutors.

5. Federal Government Girls is one of the Best Boarding Schools in Cross River State

F.G.G.C. Calabar is a school that provides high-quality standards of education in a supportive and friendly learning environment. And, the school gives students the opportunity to engage in academic and extra curriculum activities. The college has a proven track record of success in both academic and co-curriculum activities.

Things to Check Out Before Enrolling Your Child in a Boarding School

  • Know the school’s accreditation status: Always make inquiries to know if the school is approved by the government.
  • The school curriculum: Find out what the school’s academic record is all about. Also, check what the school offers in terms of education as well as extracurricular activities.
  • Level of discipline: A school without discipline is never to be considered a school to enroll your child.
  • Security: Since it is a boarding school, there is supposed to be tight and active security on the school premises.
  • Well-equipped/ Good facilities: Before enrolling your wards in a school, check if the school has all the basic and necessary facilities and equipment for learning.


However, I am sure with the information above, you will be able to make the right choice of school to attend. So, do well to choose from one of the best boarding schools in Cross River.

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