5 Best Boarding Schools in Osun State Nigeria | No. 5 and 4 are My Favorites

If you hear about the western part of Nigeria today the first thing that comes to your mind is that they have the best boarding schools in the whole country and this article is mainly focused on the ones in Osun State.

Best Osun State Boarding Schools

Currently, the western part of Nigeria has the highest number of graduates in the whole country be it secondary, primary or higher education levels. That is because as mentioned earlier they have good schools.

So today in this we are going to see the best boarding schools in Osun State. But first, let’s give You the reasons why we are recommending them to You.

How to Know a Good Boarding School In Osun State

Most times people do ask what the factor put in place is to know a good boarding school. Here we are going to show you the factors put in place for you to know a good boarding school.


Today so many schools can’t afford to dismiss their student. This makes bullying the talk of the day in many boarding schools. These schools listed below are very good boarding schools that do not tolerate bullying of any form.

Most of them among those schools listed below use expulsion as the punishment for bullying. That is to say that they have zero tolerance for bullying.

Safety and Security 

In Nigeria today the case of insecurity in Nigerian schools increases day by day. yeah is even noticed that this also affect the boarding schools because the lives of the student are in danger.

That is vice versa or these schools on my list. Because these schools provide adequate security, they should be able to keep the students safe

Best Boarding Schools in Osun State Based on Teachers’ Qualification

In this list of schools, the teachers are fully experienced before they are employed because they are not ready to start dropping in quality. Also to archive that they have good, quality and experienced teachers on deck to impact the children with good knowledge

Helpful Extracurricular Activities

These schools have good extracurricular activities. This is to say that they help the student to find their hidden talent and also teach them how to grow them and use them well

The Schools Physical environment

All of these schools that are on that list have a good and profitable environment for learning. They have a good environment that will help in the enhancement of the learning of the student

Top 5 Best Boarding Schools in Osun State

These schools have almost everything a boarding needs to have to be the best of the best. Here in this part, we are going to show you the best boarding schools in the whole of Osun state.

1. Olashore International Schools

Olashore International School is a private co-educational boarding secondary school located in Osun State, Nigeria. This school is also located in  Oba Oladele Olashore Way, P.M.B.5059, 233116, Iloko-Ijesa. click to see the official website

2. Dream International Schools

This school is like the oasis of education in Osun state here is the school’s official website here is the school’s address;  Km 4 Gbongan Rd, behind The Dream Centre Of The Life Oasis International Church, 230232, Osogbo

3. GOF International Schools

This school is located in Onward Area, 340001, Osogbo here is the school’s official link

4. Federal Gorverment Collage Ikirun

This school is one good school that gives the children the required knowledge to boost in their academic intellect. This is their official site

The school is located at 1, FGC, New Ikirun Rd, Ikirun

5. Federal Government Girls Collage Ipetumodu

This school has the mission to groom girls in knowledge and also in decent value. Click here the go to the school’s official site

This is the school’s main address; GCFH+CGJ, 220104, Ipetumodu

Take Away on the Best Boarding Schools in Osun State Given Above

Yeah, these schools have proven themselves to be the best boarding schools in Osun state. These outstanding schools have a good reputation and fewer reports of bullying. Any child has every possibility of doing well in future. So, it’s left to You to select the one that meets Your demands.

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