Xbox Exclusive PC Fitness Games – List of the Ones Available and Coming Soon

Xbox Exclusive PC Fitness Games – Complete Available and Coming Soon List

From this post, you can all download the various Xbox-exclusive fitness video games that are already available and soon will be available for PC. You can find all of the games you need here, including those that will help you sweat off your stress and relax your body and mind.

Xbox Exclusive Fitness PC Games Available & Coming Soon

What is a Fitness Game

Fitness games are video games that use outside technology to monitor your movement in relation to the game. It is a game designed to calm players both physically and mentally, as well as to engage players in physical activity. Exergame and gamercise are two other terms for fitness games.

List of Xbox Exclusive Fitness Games Available to Play On Console

There weren’t many exclusive fitness video games that Xbox produced, so we only had a small selection of games to choose from. You may play the following complete fitness video games on any Xbox console.

  1. Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Adventure
  2. My Body Coach 3
  3. Shape Up
  4. Xbox Fitness
  5. Zumba Fitness Rush

Are there any Xbox Exclusive Fitness Games Coming to The Console

Sadly, Xbox has not yet revealed any exclusive fitness games that will be made available by them anytime soon. Other genres are represented in the game that is being launched this year. There won’t be any this year, regardless of whether they decide to issue anymore in the future.

Is There any Xbox Exclusive Fitness Games Available and Coming to PC?

No, PC users cannot play any fitness games that are only available on the Xbox. None of the five games we listed above that we offered for you were made available to PC gamers. This may be the case Because Xbox is a product of Microsoft and their Xbox application is available for Windows PCs. Also, no exclusive Xbox fitness game is coming to pc.

Alternative Fitness Games that You can Play on PC

You can play the games listed below because there aren’t any Xbox PC fitness games that are specific to that platform. As a result, we offer you some alternate fitness games that you can play on your PC.

  1. Audica
  2. Audio Trip
  3. Audioshield
  4. Beat Saber
  5. Bitslap
  6. Blaston
  7. Boot Camp Fitness
  8. BOXVR
  9. Creed: Rise to Glory™
  10. Eleven Table Tennis
  11. Fitforce
  12. GORN
  13. Holopoint
  14. Hot Squat
  15. Hot Squat 2: New Glory
  16. Just Dance
  17. Just Dance 2018
  18. Just Dance 2020
  19. Just Dance 2022
  20. Knockout Home Fitness
  21. Knockout League
  22. My Fitness Coach
  23. Ninja Legends
  24. OhShape
  25. Phantom: Covert Ops
  26. Pistol Whip
  27. Pokémon GO
  28. PowerBeatsVR
  29. Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR
  30. Racket: Nx
  31. Ragnarock
  32. Rec Room
  33. Ring Fit Adventure
  34. Show less
  35. Soundboxing
  36. Space Pirate Trainer
  37. Sports Champions 2
  38. Sports Party
  39. Sprint Vector
  40. Superhot VR
  41. Synth Riders
  42. The Climb 2
  43. The Thrill of the Fight – VR Boxing
  44. UFC Personal Trainer
  45. UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System
  46. Until You Fall
  47. Viro Move
  48. VRWorkout
  49. Wii Fit Plus
  50. Your Shape
  51. Zumba Burn It Up!
  52. Zumba Fitness Core


Lastly, with these games, you can now exercise and relax in the comfort of your home, not needing to go outdoors. Games that can make you sweat or make you relax. Furthermore, some of these games need an external device to be inserted into your PC to play.

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