PlayStation Exclusive PC Fitness Games – List of the Ones Available and Coming Soon

PlayStation Exclusive Fitness PC Games That are Available & Coming Soon

Are you looking for the Complete List of PlayStation Exclusive Fitness Games Available and Coming to PC? Here, we have gotten the games that you can play and exercise and sweat out all the stress, we will also be providing information regarding fitness games.

PlayStation Exclusive Fitness Pc games available & coming soon

What are Fitness Games?

Fitness games are video games that employ technology to measure your every motion and reaction. The player exercises while playing a fitness game by using physical movement.

Are there PlayStation Exclusive Fitness Games Available to Play on the PlayStations?

On the PlayStations, there aren’t any fitness games that are exclusive to PlayStation. Although Playstation has never produced games in this genre, you can play them on your PlayStation. But none of these games are PlayStation-exclusive fitness games; instead, they were created by different game developers.

Is there a PlayStation Exclusive Fitness Game Available and Coming to PC?

Unfortunately, there is not a PlayStation Exclusive Fitness Game Available to play on PC. There wouldn’t automatically be any on the PC because none were created for their console. On the subject of whether it will be released or not, it won’t hit PC until it hits Console, and Console isn’t getting it at all, for the moment, as for right now anyways.

List of all Fitness Games Available to play on PC and PlayStation(PS4 and PS5)

Here is a list of every fitness game that is currently offered and can be played on PlayStation and PC.

1. Brain Beats

Gear up with your gloves and start playing the game with your hand movement like a Jedi. the left hand is used as the Action(W, A, S, and D) button and the right hand is used as the direction(up, down, left, and right). Play the crazy levels in the game’s internal games.

2. Creed Rise to Glory™

Playing as Adonis Creed, you will compete against the best boxers on the planet one-on-one in an effort to reclaim your title as the world’s best boxer. Play a challenging virtual reality boxing game (VR). To win like Creed, you can now train and pick up additional moves and combos.

3. OhShape

A game that was developed and published by Odders Lab. Gear up with your VR headset and motion sense handles, and move your full body to play this game by hitting, dogging, smashing, and collecting coins all while according to the game’s rhythms to play this game. It is a good and fun exercise for your body

4. Synth Riders

Kluge Interactive is the creator and publisher of Synth Riders. In this frantic Virtual Reality (VR) game, you must quickly smash or hit flying items while keeping time with the beat of the music. Additionally, this game offers to play with friends in multiplayer mode and a variety of custom music.

5. VR Ping Pong Pro

Just like your normal Ping Pong game but in Virtual Reality is a game created by Reddoll SrlIV Productions, and ONE-O-ONE GAMES. Play with friends locally or online, this game truly brings out the authenticity of the ping pong scene.


Developed and Published by My World is a Virtual Reality(VR) yoga video game. You can customize that environment to anywhere you want, anywhere you feel really relaxed. Additionally, enjoy the quiet as the headset will mute the outside world and reach the perfect balance between your mind and your body.


Finally, now that you have these games, you can play them with your friends or alone and have fun while also exercising. Also, all these games need a Virtual Reality(VR) set to play them.

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