Xbox Exclusive PC Educational Games – List of the Ones Available and Coming Soon

Xbox Exclusive PC Educational Games – Complete Available and Coming Soon List

If you are looking for the Complete List of Xbox Exclusive Educational video games that are Available and Coming to PC, games that will teach the young ones a thing or two. Then there is the place for you to find all the games of this genre and everything regarding it.

Xbox Exclusive Educational PC Games Available & Coming Soon

What is an Educational Game?

An educational game belongs to the video game genre that is mostly made for kids and young people who want to learn new things, much like students. They can be used in or outside of a classroom and are created to educate people about a certain topic. it is a game that can help a developing child.

Xbox Exclusive Educational Games Available to Play on Consoles

With less than ten (10) video games available as Xbox-exclusive educational games, there aren’t many games of this genre but enough for you to enjoy. Here are the educational games that you can play on consoles.

1. Around the World

This is a game made for youngsters in elementary school. It supports a large group of players, either fourteen (14) to nineteen (19) people or twenty-plus (20+) people. It is an interactive video game that is about answering questions as quickly as possible.

2. BandFuse: Rock Legends

A music video game called BandFuse: Rock Legends was created by the American company Realta Entertainment Group. Through a unique audio engine, it combines real musical instruments with gaming consoles. The game teaches the player how to use a proper guitar.

3. Encleverment Experiment

A video game that offers a lot of challenges, it is one of those games that has games within the game. If you unlock the full game, you will be offered Professor Ivor Question’s Enclevement Experiment, who is going to be your assistant. There are 16 new minigames that you can play with the help of your new assistant.

4. Kinect Nat Geo TV

A video game developed by Relentless Software and published by Microsoft Studios. It is an offline game that you can play with up to 2 players and co-op with up to 2 players. The game is practically about the animals of the wild and their habitat.

Xbox Exclusive Educational Games Coming To Console Soon

Unfortunately, there are no exclusive Xbox educational video games that are going to come out to play. We know that Xbox will make more, but they don’t tend to make them on a year-to-year or back-to-back basis. So, if we wait a little longer, we will soon be getting a brand new educational video game exclusive to the Xbox consoles.

Xbox Exclusive Educational Games Available and Coming to PC

Of the four video games mentioned above, none of them were available to PC gamers and are available to them. Although we don’t know for sure if Xbox will make one of them available to PC gamers or not, we just have to wait.

Alternative Educational Games That You Can Play On PC

We are providing you with an alternative educational video game that you can get on your PC, some of which allow the multiplayer feature to play against your friends. There are only ten in number, and we will be listing them out for you. Here are the games.

  1. Brainiversity
  2. Democracy
  3. Epistory – Typing Chronicles
  4. Gizmos & Gadgets!
  5. Kerbal Space Program
  6. Math Blaster Series
  7. Minecraft: Education Edition
  8. Universe Sandbox
  9. World of Zoo
  10. Zoombinis


Last but not the least, with all these games, you can now use them to teach your younger ones or your children a thing or two. Games are good for the development of youngsters, it is better than all other genres of game that promote violence and use offensive words in their gameplay.

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