PlayStation Exclusive PC Educational Games – List of the Ones Available and Coming Soon

PlayStation Exclusive PC Educational Games – Complete Available and Coming Soon List

Are you looking for the Complete List of PlayStation Exclusive Educational Games Available and Coming to PC? Games that will teach you or enlighten you in some skills or subject? Here you will get all the games of this genre and everything regarding it.

PlayStation Exclusive Educational PC Games Available & coming soon

What are Educational Games?

Educational games are those games designed to enlighten. It teaches the player something about a particular subject or skill, secondary or incidental knowledge value.

Are there PlayStation Exclusive Educational Games Available to Play on the Console

Unfortunately, no PlayStation-exclusive educational games are available to play on any PlayStation console or device. Sony has never made a PlayStation-exclusive educational game and does not seem like they will ever make one. It is not just Sony’s style.

Is There a PlayStation Exclusive Educational Game Available and Coming to PC

No, there are no PlayStation-exclusive educational PC games available to play. This is so because there are no any PlayStation-exclusive educational games on console, so it will only make sense that it would not be on PC too. Also, on the note of whether the genre of the game might soon come or not, it will not.

The Ones Available to Play on PC and PlayStation (PS4 and PS5)

Here is the list of all the educational games that you can play on both the PC and PlayStation(PS4 and PS5). Bare in mind that none of these games is no PlayStation-exclusive but is made by other gaming companies and can be played on both PC and PlayStation. Here are the games.

  1. Car Mechanic Simulator
  2. Cuccchi
  3. Energy Balance
  4. Home Run High
  5. Konrad’s Kittens
  7. NUBLA
  8. Nubla 2
  9. One Eyed Kutkh
  10. PC Building Simulator
  11. Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia
  12. Space Explore VR
  13. The Manga Works
  14. while True: learn()

Best Educational Games Available to Play on PC and PlayStation(PS4 and PS5)

Here are the best non-PlayStation exclusive educational games that you can play and enjoy on both PlayStation and the PC.

1. Car Mechanic Simulator

Players are required to drive, tune, modify, and repair cars in this game. As an auto mechanic or “car doctor,” grow and extend your business. In order to make the game more diverse, this game also includes 48 cars, more than 1000 car parts, and more than 10 tools.


Mars Odyssey is a simulation video game, it is Virtual Reality Optional. You are on the large and empty red planet, you must survive using everything that you have. Using realistic NASA equipment, equipment like the Rovers and the Landers. Learn about mars, its landscape, and its history.

3. PC Building Simulator

As the owner of a PC repair company, run your own business. To complete the different tasks that come your way, use your technological skills. Build your PC empire from diagnoses to repairs and part replacements.

4. while True: learn()

This is a puzzle-simulation game on AI, neural networks, machine learning, and big data. However, understanding your cat is the most crucial and controversial subject.

The protagonist of the game discovers that his cat is an excellent coder despite being mute. Therefore, you need to create a machine that can understand cat speech and translate it into human speech.

5. The Manga Works

Experience what it is like as a manga artist, create manga that people will love, and draw your way to the heart of the nation. Go out and search for inspiration and come home and draw. Gather experience points and make your manga better.


If you finished this article you will be sure to have gotten educational games that you can play on your PC and use to learn something about a particular subject or skill. Not only are they fun but they are also educative.

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