4 Reasons Why 14 Year Olds Should not Watch the Euphoria TV Series

Euphoria is an American movie and teen drama that is about two sister’s trying to settle differences during a trip through Europe, with no definite destination in mind. No doubt, the Euphoria TV Series is not advisable for everyone to watch as there are reasons why 14-year-olds & below should not watch it.

4 Reasons Why 14 Year Olds should not Watch Euphoria

Euphoria was written by Sam Levinson and directed by Lisa Langseth. The film was released in Germany on April 5, 2018. Are you interested in knowing more about Why 14-Year-Olds Should not Watch Euphoria, it isn’t hard. In this article, I will tell you all you have to know because that is the main purpose.

Reasons Why You Should Watch Euphoria

There are legit reasons why you (favourably an adult) should watch euphoria, especially if you’re a teen above 16 Years. It is a unique high school show and has been nominated for the Emmys award.

Here are some of the best reasons:

  • The cinematography is great.
  • The music and soundtrack are mind-blowing
  • Euphoria depicts emotions and trauma that are quite realistic.
  • It reminds us that we are not alone.
  • It gives you more hope and inspiration to be a better person.

Now, that you know the reasons why You (if older than 16 years) should watch Euphoria, let’s head over to where You’ll get details about how to Watch it. Also, at the ending of this article, You’ll get details about Why 14-Year-Olds Should not Watch Euphoria.

How to Watch ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 on HBO Max

The euphoria season has been long-awaited since the last season aired in the 2019 Summer. You can watch this free online or better still subscribe for a much better view at $9.99.The season 2 premiers are coming out on HBO Max on Sunday, January 9, 2022, at 9. pm.ET/PT.

To watch euphoria, adhere to the following:

  1. You will need a cable package with HBO, just like the ones from Verizon Fins. Moreover, new episodes will be aired on HBO every Sunday night.
  2. Watch it by logging into the HBO Max app on your streaming devices, which includes your Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV stick. Note that it is necessary to subscribe to an HBO Max subscription before watching euphoria on HBO Max.

Now, for those that want to know why 14-Year-Olds Should not Watch the Euphoria TV series, this is how to watch it. To stream it online is another different ballgame, this is because the HBOMax doesn’t have a free trial for now. However, there are streaming hacks that provide these services for free, but only for a short time.

  1. The Hulu free trial with HBO Max offers a 6-day free trial that includes HBO Max free. It costs $14.99 per month.
  2. AT&T plans with free HBO Max also offers. It includes certain packages like wireless AT&T unlimited elite plan with HBO Max.
  3. The cricket wireless plans with free HBO Max. You can make use of this service by signing up for their monthly $60 HBO Max subscription plan.

Now, that You know to watch Euphoria, let’s head over to where You’ll get the reasons why 14-Year-Olds should not watch it.

Reasons Why 14-Year-Olds Should not Watch Euphoria

You may be confused as to why there’s an age restriction. Although the movie is mainly for teens, it is advisable for 14 yrs old to watch This is because it needs maturity and there are things they may not be able to handle.

I will go to give some of the major factors:

  1. It has lots of violence and nudity.
  2. It is designed for mature audiences and contains foul language, graphic sexual activity and graphic violence.
  3. Alcohol, drug and smoking are normal scenes in the movie.
  4. It has frequent sex scenes.

The latest seasons can only be watched on HBO when you sign up for the subscription, also stream the episodes there. The HBO Max ad-free plan costs about $14.99 per month, while the HBO Max subscription with ads is just $9.99 each month.

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