Nintendo Switch not Charging: 5 Possible Reasons Why its Happening & Ways to Fix it

Sometimes, you will notice that your Nintendo Switch is not charging after running out. There are reasons why this happens and also there are also steps available that you can use to fix this. This content will bring the Possible Reasons Why Your Nintendo Switch is not Charging After Dying and How to Fix.

Nintendo Switch not Charging: 5 Possible Reasons Why its Happening & Ways to Fix it

Before sending your Nintendo Switch to repair, it would be better to try out a few tips as they might be very helpful.  There are different reasons available why your Nintendo Switch would charge that you should also check out. This content will bring all the information that you need.

Reasons Why Your Nintendo Switch is not Charging

Below, you will get the Possible Reasons Why Your Nintendo Switch is not Charging After Dying and How to Fix. But before bringing the solution, it will be better that you note done the reason why this happens. This will help you understand the issue and it will also help give the correct solution. The list below contains some of the reasons

  1. Something might be wrong with the outlet like a burnt fuse
  2. The adaptor of the charger might be dirty or may be damaged
  3. Incompatible third-party adapter: You might be using an Incompatible third-party adapter and some of them don’t work well with the Nintendo Switch console.
  4. Also, another reason for this might be because the contact point within the Nintendo Switch’s USB-C damage might be damaged or dirty.
  5. The Nintendo Switch Dock may have been damaged and this mainly occurs if you frequently charge it.

These are some of the possible reasons why your Nintendo Switch is not charging. But another reason might be because made modifications to your switch. To make the Nintendo switch change again, you might need to undo the changes.

5 Ways to Fix Your Nintendo Switch that won’t Charge

How to Fix Nintendo Switch That is not Charging now that you know the possible reason for this, then you should check out solutions. You will have to apply the solution according to the problem. There are various ways to fix the issue since they are many reasons for this.

Method One: Check the Outlet

One of the reasons why your Nintendo Switch would not charge maybe because of the outlet you are using to charge the device like said earlier. To confirm this, plug in another device to the Outlet to see if it works. In case it works, you will have to move the Switch to another charging outlet.

Method Two: Check the Dock

Check to ensure that all the cables are securely in place if you mainly charge your Nintendo Switch using the dock. The Dock might need repair if the Wires are securely placed as they might have been damaged.

Method Three: Clean the USB-C port and Charger

Little dirt can cause the switch console USB-C port to make contact with the charger and with this, you will need to clean it. You will have to be careful while doing this and also you should not clean the USB-C port with metal objects. This is because it might cause serious damage.

Method Four: Purchase a New Adaptor or Charger

If by this point the Nintendo Switch is still not charging, then you will have to purchase a new will be better to get the official Nintendo Switch Adaptor as it will be more effective.

Method Five: Force Reset the Nintendo Switch

If all the above steps fail, then it’s time for you to Force Reset your Switch. To do this, you are to hold down the Switch’s power button for at least 12 seconds. Doing this will force a shutdown if it’s frozen.

Once you let go of the button, you can wait for some minutes before pressing the power button again to turn it back on or try to charge it again.


Give Your Nintendo Switch Time to Charge Once Positive Result is Seen After Carrying all the Steps Above

If your Nintendo Switch’s battery is completely dead or has not been used in days then you would probably need to do this. There’s no need to worry as it’s totally normal. Yeah, this is due to the fact that when the console’s battery is completely dead it could take several hours for it to come on. In summary, you have to give it a few hours to charge and restart.

Note: If after carrying all the above steps Your Switch still refuses to charge and Power-On then it’s left for you to contact Nintendo.

These are the steps you need to fix it and if it still not charging then you will have to take it for repair as something might be wrong with it.

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