What is Better than uTorrent? Five of the Best uTorrent Alternatives to Use | No. 3 is Better

Are you a uTorrent user wondering what is better than it? Honestly speaking uTorrent is one of the best torrent platforms out there used by millions of torrent users. There was once a time when uTorrent was so popular and more than half of all torrent users made use of this platform.

What is Better than uTorrent? Five of the Best uTorrent Alternatives to Use | No. 3 is Better

However, it got to a time where uTorrent was at its worst and then it was acquired by BitTorrent Inc. This was almost the end of the mighty uTorrent platform that the majority of torrent uses used.

It is important to note that after the acquisition of uTorrent by BitTorrent, the management of uTorrent was so poor it led to the downfall of uTorrent. The once open-source platform now became a closed source with lots of spamming ads and offers that won’t let you do want you want without pop up regularly.

These problems became too much for uTorrent uses as they now sought an alternative. In this article, I’ll be giving you 5 platforms that are better than it.

Five of the Best uTorrent Alternatives to Use | No. 3 is Better

Fortunately, after the downfall of uTorrent, there are lots of torrent platforms that you can make use of for your needs. All of these are ten times better than the uTorrent platform and any of these can serve as an alternative to it.

1 – Deluge

This is another open-source torrent platform it is similar to qBitorrent. It has a simple but not that easy to use interface, unlike qBittorrent. It is also completely free and does not offer adware awareness or even display ads on it.

Another downside to this torrent downloader is that it does not offer many features just like qbittorrent. However, it does have support for plugins which enables it to solve anything. This is also a good thing in a way because you can download plugins from the website to add extra features to this torrents client. This is a good thing because you will only have to download features that you want, meaning no unnecessary features for you.

2 – Bitpot.io

Bitport is a more recent alternative to the torrent saga.  It lets you download all kinds of files within few minutes. This torrent downloader also has a safe and simple interface to work with. Even if you are a novice to torrent you don’t need anyone to put you through on using this platform.

Unlike other torrent downloading clients, this platform does not require you to download the software before using it. You can simply use this torrent from the comfort of your home just by visiting the website create an account and have access to a great uTorrent alternative.

The best part about this platform is that if you can download your files and save them to the cloud and also access them even when you are offline.

3 – qBittorrent

The qBittorrent is a direct replacement made for the uTorrent platform after its demise. This torrent is open-source and lightweight completely free to use platform better than uTorrent. It has a very easy interface it contains no ads and all the functions are straight to the point.

This torrent client is available to download on iOS, Android and on PC. This torrent has lots of features that can enable you to search for files on the internet and even control the bandwidth and add filters.

4 – Vuze

Vuse takes the offering of a simple interface to the next level, this means this client has the simplest interface of any torrent client there is. On top of a simple interface, this platform also has an inbuilt HD video player, Bandwidth management tools and RSS feeds update.

On top of that, you can also activate the magnetic feature of this torrent client. Everything considered this is a decent choice over the uTorrent client.

5 – Taxiti

Taxiti is the first free but closed-source software we have on our list today. This uTorrent alternative provides you with a simple interface and turns off features for both professional and novice users.

Although the interface is not quite like all the torrent clients you are used to it is as simple as they are. Data and information are displayed using sharks in real-time.

Though this interface is easy and simple to understand it can still prove quite a bit too much for an average user. Perhaps the most important feature of this torrent client is its “Channels” feature. You can join different channels to send and receive files furthermore you can also chat with your peers and stay up-to-date with statistics.


Why it is difficult to leave something you are already used to it is however easy when it is as bad as it can get. For you guys are there that are looking for an alternative to the uTorrent client you now have five to consider.

One thing that is important is that you should know different client comes with their different features interface and functionality. My advice to you is to make sure to try out all uTorrent alternatives I have talked about in this post and see which works best for you.

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