Which Blogger Template is Responsive & the Best for Google AdSense Approval? CHECK NOW

Which Blogger template is the Best for AdSense? a lot of people have been asking this question. If you are among those looking for an answer to this question, then you are in the right place as you would get the full guide on this page.

Which Blogger Template is Responsive & the Best for Google AdSense Approval? CHECK NOW

It is important that every blogger who newly created a blog set up a custom template on their blog. This is because of AdSense approval as your templates would play a very crucial role. What this content will be bringing is the ten best websites template for template.

Facts to Consider While Selecting Your Blog Website Template

There are several facts that you should consider while selecting your Blog Website Template as they are very important. The list below contains the facts that you should put into consideration

  • Fast Loading Speed: it is important that you pick a Website Template that loads fast enough. This is because some people like quick thing and if your loads slowly, it is likely that they would leave your site.
  • Functionality: You should also make a list of all your features before proceeding to pick a blog post template. So, it would be better to choose a template that will cover any of your topics.
  • Customizability: You should also look for a blog template that offers plenty of font options. This is to give you the chance of customizing your theme at any time.

List of Responsive Blogger Templates for Quick AdSense Approval

Below, I will be giving a list of Blogger template that is best for AdSense so you would have to note them down. Check the list below to see their names

  1. Marigold
  2. Inside
  3. Robusta
  4. Sora One
  5. NewsPaper
  6. Easymag
  7. MagOne
  8. TechPro
  9. Magma
  10. Best

1. Marigold

Marigold is one of the Blogger templates that are best for AdSense and it was designed by Way2themes. This template has a lot of features like a submenu, share button, social link and a lot more. Some of its features include Fast Load, Mobile friendly, SEO ready and responsive template.

2. Enside

Another Responsive Blogger Template that you would find is Enside. It is very good for blogging and it is also a premium-looking template. Its features include Fast loading and Full Widgets.

3. Robusta

You would also find Robusta as another amazing Blogger template and it has a lot of features. Robusta features include Mobile Friendly, SEO friendly, Search Widget, Responsive Template, Fast Loading, WhatsApp Sharing and a lot more.

4. Sora One

Sora One is also one of the most responsive blogger templates for AdSense approval that you can find. These templates have helped many bloggers grow their blog. Some of its features include Responsive Template, Fast Loading, SEO Friendly, Social Sharing, Mobile Sharing and a lot more.

5. Newspapers

Newspapers are the most downloaded responsive news bloggers templates. But this one is only for news category blog. Its features include Drop Down Menu, Responsive Template, Retina Ready, SEO Optimized, Mobile Friendly and a lot more.

6. EasyMag

EasyMag is the most stylish responsive Blogger template and it also have a lot of features. Some of the features are WhatsApp Sharing, Responsive Template, Mobile Friendly and Fast Loading.

7. MagOne

MagOne is a news category blogger template and it is among the best responsive blogger template for AdSense that you can find. Its features are Browser Compatibility, Mobile Friendly, Social Bookmark Ready, Post Thumbnails and more.

8. TechPro

TechPro is one of the best options for technology and another related blog. It also has many stylish layouts. Its features include Fast Loading, 3 Types of Comments, Social Share Button, Google Testing Tool Validator.

9. Magna

Magna is a blog only for new categories and it has one of the best templates that you can find. Its features include Social Counter Widgets, Ads Ready, Google Testing Tool Validator and a lot more.

10. Best

Best is one of the best responsive blogger templates and it is SEO friendly. Its features are Loading Speed, Mobile Friendly and SEO Ready.

Which Blogger Template is the Best for AdSense? Check Detailed Answer Below

Now when considering the question of Which Blogger template is the Best for AdSense, Marigold is the best you can find due to its features. But You can also consider choosing any of the best ones on the list. But you should also put into consideration their loading speed.


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