Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Transport and Tourism

In this post, you will find the full list of universities in Nigeria that offer transport and tourism. However, it’s important to note that this specialized course is currently only offered by one university in Nigeria.

List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Transport and Tourism

Despite its limited availability, the Transport and Tourism program holds significant value for individuals seeking to enter the dynamic field of travel and hospitality. With a focus on transport management and tourism administration, this program equips students with essential skills and knowledge to excel in various roles within the industry.

While the option may be limited, aspiring professionals passionate about exploring the world and facilitating memorable travel experiences can still pursue their academic interests in this field. Below is the university offering Transport and Tourism in Nigeria

Private Universities Offering Transport and Tourism

Redeemers University is the sole university in Nigeria that offers courses in transport and tourism.

Is Transport and Tourism a Hard Course to Study in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, Transport and Tourism can pose challenges for some students due to the multifaceted nature of the course. Understanding transportation logistics involves grasping complex systems and networks, which may require a strong analytical mindset.

Is Transport and Tourism a Good Course to Study in Nigeria?

Transport and Tourism can be a rewarding university course to study in Nigeria for individuals interested in pursuing careers in the dynamic and growing travel and hospitality industry.

This field offers opportunities to develop various skills, including transportation logistics, tourism management, customer service, and cultural understanding. Studying transport and tourism not only provides practical knowledge but also fosters personal growth and global perspectives, as it involves interactions with diverse cultures and environments.

Moreover, the industry’s continuous growth globally and within Nigeria ensures a steady demand for skilled professionals in various sectors, including travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and government tourism departments.

Ultimately, choosing to study Transport and Tourism can lead to fulfilling career opportunities and personal satisfaction for those passionate about exploring the world and facilitating memorable travel experiences.

How Many Years Does it Take to Study Transport and Tourism?

Studying Transport and Tourism in Nigeria typically takes four years to complete.

Where can Transport and Tourism Graduates Work?

Transport and Tourism university graduates in Nigeria possess skills that are applicable across various sectors and industries.

They can find employment opportunities in travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, hotels, government tourism departments, transportation companies, and through entrepreneurship.


In conclusion, Transport and Tourism University graduates in Nigeria have a wide array of employment opportunities. Lastly, candidates should check the school portal for more details about the requirements for this course.


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