Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Secretarial Administration

In this post, you will find the Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Secretarial Administration. While this specialized program is not widely available, it is offered by only one institution, ensuring focused and comprehensive training for aspiring administrative professionals.

List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Secretarial Administration

Secretarial Administration equips students with crucial office management, communication, and organization skills, preparing them for various administrative roles across industries.

Despite being offered by only one university, this program provides quality education and practical experience, enabling graduates to excel as executive assistants, administrative managers, and office coordinators.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the demand for skilled administrative support is ever-growing, making Secretarial Administration an attractive field of study for those seeking rewarding career opportunities. Below, you will find the list of universities offering Secretarial Administration.

Private Universities Offering Secretarial Administration

Crawford University is the sole university in Nigeria offering the course Secretarial Administration.

  • Crawford University, Igbesa, Faith City, KLM 8, Atan – Agbara Road, P. M. B. 2001, Igbesa, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Is Secretarial Administration a Hard Course to Study in Nigeria?

Studying Secretarial Administration in Nigeria can present varying difficulty levels depending on factors such as the institution, the quality of instruction, and the student’s abilities.

This course typically involves learning essential administrative skills, office management techniques, communication strategies, and proficiency in tools like shorthand and office software applications. Mastering these skills demands dedication and consistent effort.

Success hinges on the student’s commitment to learning, adaptability, and effective time management. While some may find certain aspects challenging, others may thrive in this field with enthusiasm and determination.

Therefore, excelling in Secretarial Administration in Nigeria requires a proactive approach to learning and a willingness to develop crucial competencies essential for effective office management and administration.

Is Secretarial Administration a Good Course to Study in Nigeria?

Secretarial Administration can be a valuable university course to study in Nigeria for those interested in administrative tasks, organization, and office management. It equips students with essential skills such as communication, record-keeping, and proficiency in office software applications.

Graduates often find opportunities in various industries where administrative support is crucial. Additionally, the course provides a foundation for further education and career advancement. However, the program’s quality, the institution’s reputation, and alignment with personal career goals should be considered before making a decision.

How Many Years Does it Take to Study Secretarial Administration in Nigeria?

Studying secretarial Administration in Nigeria typically takes four years. These programs often provide a more in-depth study of administrative skills and management principles.

However, the duration may vary slightly depending on factors such as the institution’s academic calendar and any breaks or interruptions in the academic schedule.

Where can Secretarial Administration Graduates Work?

Secretarial Administration university graduates in Nigeria can find employment opportunities in various sectors and industries. Here are some potential places where they can work:

Government Offices: Secretarial administrators can work in various government ministries, agencies, and departments, providing administrative support to government officials and civil servants.

Private Companies: Private companies require secretarial administrators to handle administrative tasks, manage office operations, and schedule appointments.

Educational Institutions: Schools and colleges hire secretarial administrators for administrative tasks, academic support, and event coordination.

Healthcare Facilities: Healthcare facilities may hire secretarial administrators to manage patient records, schedule appointments, and handle administrative tasks.

Legal Firms: Law firms and legal departments hire secretarial administrators to assist lawyers with administrative tasks.

These are just a few examples of the diverse employment opportunities available to Secretarial Administration graduates in Nigeria. The skills acquired during their studies make them valuable assets in various workplaces where administrative support is essential.


In conclusion, Studying Secretarial Administration in Nigeria offers diverse employment opportunities across sectors.


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