Universities in Nigeria Offering Livestock Production Technology

There are many universities in Nigeria offering livestock production technology. Therefore, to study this course, you must find the complete list of universities providing it. This article will give you the complete list of universities providing livestock production technology in Nigeria.

Universities in Nigeria Offering Livestock Production Technology

Livestock Production Technology is a course that teaches you how to care for animals raised for food, such as cows, pigs, and chickens. You’ll learn how to ensure the animals are healthy and well-fed, breed them to get the best traits, and use technology to help feed and monitor their health.

You’ll also learn about the science behind raising animals, like what they need to eat to grow and stay healthy. Overall, this course prepares you to work in the farming industry, specifically focusing on raising livestock efficiently and responsibly.

Below is the list of universities in Nigeria offering this course.

Federal University

Only one University in Nigeria offers Livestock Production Technology. However, this university is among the top universities in Nigeria, and you can apply to study this course. Below is the federal university offering this Course.

  • Niger Delta University

NDU is located in the eastern part of Nigeria. It offers various courses. For more information, visit the school website below.

Click Here: NDU

Where Can Livestock Production Technology Graduates Work?

Many jobs are available for those who studied this course but are competitive. With this, students should ensure to graduate with a reasonable degree. Below are some of the careers available.

  • Livestock Farming
  • Livestock Nutrition
  • Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
  • Livestock Genetics
  • Livestock Equipment and Technology
  • Livestock Extension and Education
  • Livestock Marketing and Sales
  • Livestock Research
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies
  • Consulting

Is Livestock Production Technology a Good Course to Study?

This course is fantastic for studying in Nigeria. Livestock farming is significant, and there’s a need for people who know a lot about taking care of animals, what they eat, their genes, and how to use technology.

If you’re considering studying livestock farming, it’s essential to consider what you like, what you want to do for work, and how good the program you’re looking at is. Check out what you’ll be learning, what jobs you can get after, and if it matches your desire.

Is Livestock Production Technology a Hard Course to Study?

This course can be challenging, but the difficulty level can vary depending on individual strengths, interests, and the program you’re enrolled in. Here are some factors to consider regarding the difficulty of this field;

  • Individual aptitude
  • Academic background
  • Faculty and Resources
  • Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Interest and Passion

Years to Study Livestock Production Technology in Universities

Livestock Production Technology is a four-year course at the university if students have carryover. The years you will spend studying this course will vary depending on your chosen university. However, it is four years long.

Best University to Study Livestock Production Technology

Only one university in Nigeria offers this course, Niger Delta University. However, this university is among the top universities in Nigeria that you can apply for to study this course. Therefore, students have no choice but to choose one of the universities listed above if they want to study this course in Nigeria. However, these universities are fantastic.


Students should also note that they might find admission competitive because limited universities in Nigeria offer this course. Therefore, they should do well and get good grades. They should also use the correct subject combination for their jamb/waec.


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