Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Crop Science

Universities offering Crop Science are also significant for students who want to study this course. You should not just consider the list of universities, but you should also check their admission requirements. Therefore, in this content, we will give you the complete list of universities in Nigeria offering this Crop Science.

List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Crop Science

Crop Science is the specific knowledge, learning, and understanding of crop cultivation, management, and production. In other words, crop science deals with the study of crops. Without carryovers, it would take students about four years at the universities to study this course. Crop Science is a science course suitable for this group of students.

Below are the universities that offer Crop Science in the country.

State University Offering Crop Science in Nigeria

There is only one state university in Nigeria offering this course. However, this is one of the universities in Nigeria, and you can choose to study this course. Below is the state university offering this course in Nigeria.

Federal Universities

Also, just one federal university in Nigeria offers Crop Science in Nigeria. So, below is the university offering this course.

Where Can Crop Science Graduates Work?

It is not among the most competitive courses offered in Nigerian universities, so students might not find the entrance difficult. Many jobs are also available for those who studied this course, but they are competitive. With this, students should ensure to graduate with a reasonable degree. Below are some of the careers available.

  • Agricultural consultant
  • Estate manager
  • Farm manager
  • Fish farm manage
  • Plant breeder/geneticist
  • Rural practice surveyor
  • Soil scientist
  • Agribusiness Consultant
  • Agronomy Salesperson
  • Crop Care Manager
  • Cotton Specialist
  • Agricultural Business Manager
  • Agronomist
  • Commodity Risk Manager

Is Crop Science a Good Course to Study in Nigeria?

This course is fantastic for studying in Nigeria. Graduates with Crop Science expertise are in demand in various sectors, including agriculture, agribusiness, research institutions, government agencies, and NGOs.

There are opportunities for employment as agricultural extension officers, agronomists, researchers, consultants, and more.

Is Crop Science a Hard Course to Study in Nigeria?

It depends on your level of interest and motivation. However, you might find this course a little complex depending on some factors and these factors are ;

  • Individual aptitude
  • Academic background
  • Faculty and Resources
  • Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Interest and Passion

Years to Study Crop Science Universities

This course is a four-year course at the university if students have carryover. The years you will spend studying this course will vary depending on your chosen university. However, it is four years long.

Best University to Study Crop Crop Science in Nigeria

Only two universities in Nigeria offer this course: UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA NSUKKA, ENUGU STATE and RIVERS STATE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Therefore, students have no choice but to choose this university if they want to study this course in Nigeria. However, this university is fantastic, and you can study this course.


Students should also note that they might find this course competitive. Therefore, they should do well and get good grades. They should also use the correct subject combination for their jamb/waec. The applicant can click the link below to find the proper subject combination for this course.


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