Full List of Federal, State & Private Universities in Enugu State Nigeria

If you are deciding on schooling in the eastern part of Nigeria then you should know about the universities in Enugu state. The full list of universities in Enugu state is what this content will be about. Enugu as we know consists of various universities and all of them have proven to be useful over some time and brought out a lot of great personalities that we have in Nigeria today so you should know more about it.

Full List of Federal, State & Private Universities in Enugu State Nigeria

Enugu was once under Anambra state but on 1991 August 27th Ibrahim Babangida divided it into two-state and the capital of the state is called Enugu. The state is also known for the mining of coal these are some of the features of Enugu state.

List of Universities in Enugu State

– Federal Universities

1. University Of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)

In 1995 the university was founded by Nnamdi Azikiwe and it was formally opened in 1960. The university offers over 82 undergraduate programs, 211 post-graduate programs, 102 academic departments.

The faculty of dentistry and health science I host by the teaching hospital  (UNTH). State governors and ministers in Nigeria are one of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka alumni. Campuses such as biological science, social science, and more are housed by Nsukka.

– State Universities

1. Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Enugu

In 1979 the university was established and in Nigeria, it is the first-ever state-owned university in a security-tight location. The vision of the university is to be the premier university in Africa in capacity development that promotes service to society through quality teaching, community service, and research. The school brings scholarship programs to ensure the development of technology with the aim of improving society.

– Private Universities

1. Caritas University, Enugu

On December 16th, 2004 federal government of Nigeria approved the school and on January 21st, 2005 it was opened officially. It is located in Amorji-Nike, Enugu State in Nigeria, and currently offers a lot of courses.

2. Godfrey Okoye University (GOUNI), Ugwuomu-Nike-Enugu State

In 2009 it was founded by Very Reverend Father Professor Dr. Christian Anieke from the National Universities Of Commission (NUC) On November 3rd, 2009 it got its operational license. It offers a lot of courses including law.

3. Renaissance University (RUN), Enugu

In 2005 the university was licensed by the federal government of Nigeria, Ugbawka in Enugu state is where its main campus is located. The bachelor of law (LLB) degree program is offered at the university and a lot of other interesting courses.

4. Coal City University (CCU) Enugu State

It was founded by Stan Chinedu Nkemegbunam Anih and it is a non-profit co-education university it has two campuses and over 10 faculties. It offers computer science and a lot of other interesting courses.

This is the list of universities available in Enugu state so if you are deciding to school in Enugu state you can try any of them out.

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