7 Sure Tips to Use and Earn a High Score on Your 2022/2023 SAT Essay

One of the sections of the SAT is the essay. Here you will have to put all your English writing skills into practice, are you ready? If you haven’t already done so, in this article we’re going to share with you 7 tips that will be very helpful in getting a high SAT essay score.

7 Tips for Getting a High Essay Score on SAT 2022/2023

Do You Need to Take the Essay Section of the SAT?

The choice is ultimately yours. Yes, as you read; you do not have to write my essay and take this section of the test. However, there are some benefits if you choose to take the SAT essay. One advantage is that your chances of getting into an American university increase.

Also, keep in mind that while some colleges do not require you to submit essay scores, they will always consider them as part of the admissions process if they have them. In these cases, having an SAT essay score, rather than not having one, will work in your favour, allowing you to stand out from the thousands of interested applicants.

If you change your mind about the essay and decide to take it, but register for the SAT without it, you can add it. However, the ability to add an essay at the testing center is not guaranteed.

Structure and Timing of the Essay

  • The SAT exam consists of three sections: reading, writing and language, and math. Students have 3 hours to complete each one. If you choose to complete the essay, you will have an additional 50 minutes to complete it. The SAT essay is a good opportunity to demonstrate your reading, analysis, and writing skills in English.
  • In the essay section of the SAT, you will be given a passage of approximately 650 and 750 words. In the allotted 50 minutes, you will need to read the passage and write the essay according to the instructions given.
  • The essay will test your ability to analyze the author’s argumentation in terms of the use of evidence, argumentation, and other rhetorical devices. So, it will be an argumentative essay. Expressing your opinion about the passage itself or simply summarizing it will not give you a high overall score for this part of the SAT. Discuss the passage!

7 Tips for Getting a High Essay Score on the SAT

Success on Your SAT essay score will depend on Your preparation and execution, so consider the following tips when planning Your strategies:

1. Understand the SAT Essay Scoring System

Unlike multiple-choice answers, which are graded as right or wrong, the essay is graded on a three-point scale.

Two readers will grade your essay separately and give you a score of 1 to 4 for each of the three sections, which include reading, analysis, and writing. The scores from the two readers are added together. On your SAT essay reports, you will find three scores, each on a scale of 2 to 8. For example, a possible combined score is 6 Reading / 7 Analysis / 6 Writing.

Your Reading score will reflect how well you understood the passage; your Analysis score will reflect how well your essay analyzes the author’s point of view and beliefs. Finally, your writing score will reflect how coherent your essay is and how well you demonstrate mastery of the language.

2. Examine Sample Passages and Essays

To get a good score on the SAT, spend time studying sample passages and essays. As you read each essay and the corresponding responses, think about how and why the essay writer used evidence, argumentation, and stylistic or persuasive elements.

Considering these examples will help you develop your own essay strategies on exam day.

3. Read Professional Writing as it’s is one of the Core Tips for Getting a High SAT Essay Score

Another way to develop your analytical reading skills could be to read opinion pieces from reputable media such as The New York Times once or twice a week. Analyze editorials and opinion pieces to sharpen your skills.

4. Practice Writing Essays

As with the multiple-choice sections of the SAT, practice will allow you to hone your skills. Using the sample instructions and excerpts for the SAT Essay section, try to recreate the test yourself: try to do my essay in just 50 minutes.

Compare your answer to other students’ examples to see what weaknesses you may have in your reading, analysis, and writing.

5. Don’t Rush to Read the Passage

On exam day, nerves and excitement can play tricks on you. You may feel like you need to start writing as quickly as possible, but before you start, make sure you understand the author’s reasoning well.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to finish writing your essay and then go back and reread the passage and realize that you misunderstood part of it.

6. Start with an Outline

After you have carefully read the passage, take a moment to formalize your thoughts in the form of an outline. Your approach map should have an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion. The outline will also help you plan your work, as it gives you a clear idea of the direction in which you want to write your essay.

Make sure that your SAT essay is structured and connected. In the introduction, offer a strong thesis statement related to the idea of the essay, and make sure that each body element is tied together to support your idea.

Conclude the article with more than just a summary statement. Think, for example, about how you might place what you wrote in a broader context or offer a memorable thought based on the analysis you presented.

7. This is a Must-Do Out of all the Tips for Getting a High SAT Essay Score on This Article; “Take the Time to Edit”

Although it is not always possible, try to leave some time in the end to revise your essay. In doing so, you may catch misinterpreted information or find other ways to develop certain points further.

Try to be as critical as possible of your own work, and treat every minute of free time as an opportunity to present your writing and thinking in the best possible way.

We hope these tips will help you pass the SAT and get you that high score!

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