State University and Private Universities in Adamawa State Nigeria; Which is Better

Adamawa state which is in the northeastern region of Nigeria sharing boundaries with three states in Nigeria and an international boundary with Cameroon to the east has three universities. These three universities are federal, state, and private universities. There are major and minor differences between each university but this article shows discussions on State Universities Vs Private Universities in Adamawa State.

Adamawa State vs Private University; Which is Better? Check!

What are They

If you are currently considering Adamawa state to be your schooling state then you need to read this article carefully and attentively so you can choose accurately which of the university categories you should apply for; either state or private. Firstly, you need basic definitions of what they are.

What are State Universities

State universities run under the control, management, and administration of an individual state. To clarify, it means that a state university is owned and managed by a State Government. The State Government may be responsible for funding buildings and projects in the university.

What are Private Universities

Private universities on the other hand run under the control, management, and administration of a private entity, a single individual or private corporation. Funding can come from anywhere and they are subjected to paying taxes in the state they are built in.

Difference Between State & Private Universities

The major difference between them is the management and administration. Population can also differentiate them. Most state universities have higher populations than private universities in most states. In addition, a state university may be cheaper in comparison to a private university.

NUC Ranking

The National University Commission (NUC) is a recognized body in Nigeria responsible for different activities in Nigerian universities such as accreditation, commissioning, and ranking of different universities in Nigeria. The NUC ranking is by far the highest in Nigeria and the most respected in Nigeria.

There is just one state and one private university in Adamawa state. These are the NUC rankings for the two universities.

NUC Ranking of the State Universities in Adamawa State

This is the NUC ranking for the state university of Adamawa State;

  1. Adamawa State University (ADSU): 119

NUC Ranking of the Private Universities in Adamawa State

This is the ranking done by the NUC body in the private university in Adamawa state:

  1. American University Yola, Adamawa State: 33

Which has the Highest NUC Ranking

Based on the information from the NUC ranking, it is of clear and obvious fact that the private university of Adamawa State has the highest ranking.


Admission processes for all Nigerian universities must first start from the jamb level. For an aspirant to further process with admission, the aspirant must meet up or go above the jamb cut-off mark and the required jamb cut-off mark of the university.

Generally, the jamb cut-off mark originally is 140 set by the jamb itself. But each university can further increase theirs to what they prefer.

Here are the various jamb cut-off marks for the state university and private universities in Anambra state:

Jamb Cut-off Mark of the State Universities in Adamawa State

  1. Adamawa State University (ADSU): 170

Jamb Cut-off Mark of the Private Universities in Adamawa State

  1. American University Yola, Adamawa State: 180

Which has the Highest Cut-off Mark

American University Yola which is a private university has the highest cut-off mark than the state university with a difference of 10. It is important to note that only aspirants who score above the exact cut-off mark can proceed with their admission process.


No university in Nigeria is mono-tribal. Even the state itself is not a mono-tribal state. A university is made up of units. These units comprise hundreds to thousands of people from different tribes. However, depending on the region or location of the university, it is subjected to be dominated by a particular tribe or group of tribes.

Here are the evaluations of the tribes in the state and private universities in Adamawa state.

What Tribe Majorly Attends the State Universities in Adamawa State

It is very important to note that this information is not a valid one. It is just a speculation made from observation and may or may not be true. However, Adamawa state is mostly dominated by northerners.

Its neighboring states which are Gombe, Taraba, and Borno state are also northern states with mostly northerners. The university’s population may be more of northern tribes.

What Tribe Majorly Attends the Private Universities in Adamawa State

The private university in Adamawa state may also have more northerners in their population than any other tribes with similar reasons to what was given about the state university.

Which has More Ethnic Group Mixture

There is a possibility that the state university will have more ethnic groups than the private university because the state university is more populated than the private university.

School Fees 

A factor that should always be considered when applying to any institution is the school fees of the institution. The following is the school fees estimate of the state and private universities in Adamawa State.

The School Fees of the State Universities in Abia State

  • Adamawa State University (ADSU):

School Fees range: ₦100,000 to ₦170,000

Note that the school fees range is a result of the variation in courses. Also, the school fees do not include fees like acceptance fees, accommodation fees and other fees. It applies to the newly admitted students and to the returning students.

The School Fees of the Private Universities in Abia State

  • American University Yola, Adamawa State:

School Fees for returning and fresh students: ₦1,590,000 per session.

Which is More Expensive

The private university, American University Yola, Adamawa State is more expensive than the state university in Adamawa state.


In summary, these are the few most important criteria for distinguishing and drawing a thick boundary between the state university and the federal university in Adamawa state.

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