13 Skills ABSU Students can Learn to Make Money in School

Are you a student of ABSU and currently struggling financially, or do you need extra cash to keep up? This article lists some of the best Money Making Skills ABSU Students Learn to help them meet their daily needs while still in school.

Money Making Skills ABSU Students Learn; Top 13 Handy Skills

Learning a skill and schooling can be challenging as both demands that you dedicate time to them. However, finding the right balance is what every student should look to do.

Learning a skill goes beyond making money in school, as most students with these skills find living after school a lot easier. With many graduates competing for limited job opportunities, a candidate with academic qualifications and hands-on skills stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Every skill on this list has countless students either fully or partially finance themselves through school. To clarify, if you are a student reading this, picking the right skill for you in this list would be one of the best decisions you have made.

1. Copywriting is at the top of the list for Money Making Skills ABSU Students Can Learn.

Copywriting is simply the writing of text for advertising purposes or other forms of marketing. A copywriter creates clear, compelling, and persuasive words to market and engage a customer on a product. As businesses continue to grow, the demand for copywriters is becoming increasingly popular, which puts it at the top as one of the Making Skills ABSU Students Learn.

2. Graphics Design

Graphics Design is a skill that requires creativity. It is visual communication whose only purpose is to pass information to a specific audience visually. Additionally, we all encounter at least one graphic design daily, which shows how crucial it is today. 

It is a skill that pays you from the comfort of your home and goes beyond school, and if you think you are a creative person, choosing to learn graphics design would pay off as every event, bar, school, audition and more needs a graphics designer.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is undoubtedly one of the skills you should learn as every Business, big or small, wants its product or service in the digital space. Furthermore, with social media having billions of users across all platforms, every Business intends to market their product or service, interact with customers and reach a larger audience through advertising on these social media platforms.

Therefore, as a social media marketer, you plan and execute marketing ideas to grow the customer base and increase sales on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

4. Photography

The question is, why should you not learn Photography? Everyone can’t learn a specific skill to make money and work the same job. However, if you are looking at money-making skills, ABSU Students Learn is top of the list.

Likewise, Learning photography would always use your time effectively as it is always in demand. Friends, family, coursemates, hostel mates, and lecturers all want the same thing, which is to look good and capture those moments as memories.

Photography as a skill goes also beyond making money in school, as it is a professional job that can earn a living. By getting jobs at events, ceremonies, award shows and more, you just can’t run out of jobs.

5. Affiliate Marketing is a low-risk, high-reward money-making skill ABSU Students Can Learn.

As an Affiliate marketer, your job will be to promote or sell a product for a business, and you get a commission-based payment for each product you sell or advertise, or for each time you draw a sign-up or traffic you generate for the company. To become an affiliate market, you;

  • Decide on a niche.
  • Decide on what platform you will be working with.
  • Join an Affiliate program.
  • Create good content
  • Drive traffic to your Affiliate site
  • Drive up clicks for your links.
  • Track your campaigns.
  • Convert leads to sales.

6. Video Editing

Video editing is also a good skill for making money while schooling. As a video editor, you arrange and compile video shots to complete a project. More importantly, you can learn video editing with little to no capital, as thousands of videos online can help you become a pro. 

7. Blogging

Blogging is a great skill to earn money while in school and is more than a hobby. It involves creating blog posts and articles with a high search audience to draw traffic to your website.

8. Fashion Design is an Evergreen Money Making Skill ABSU Students Can Learn

To start with, Fashion Design is one of those skills that never dies, as it is a form of art. A fashion designer will always be relevant if he stays in the trend. Also, Fashion designers create original clothing, accessories, and footwear. They set the directions of an era and the tone of an event while also complementing human beauty.

A Fashion designer always has a job. Whether working on new designs ( personal works) or creating fashion designs for a person or a business.

9. Web Developer

A Web Developer uses coding skills to create user-friendly websites and web applications that function. Being a web developer is one of the highest-paying skills on this list. However, being a web developer requires investment in yourself, time, patience, and critical thinking skills. There are two types of web developers. Which are;

  • Frontend Developer: is more concerned about how the website looks.
  • Backend Developer: is more concerned about how the website works.

10. UI/UX Designer

UI/UX is designing a user experience when a customer goes through a business Website, Application or E-commerce store. Primarily, UI/UX designers are more concerned about how cohesive and user-friendly a website or applicant is to the business customer.

11. Cryptocurrency is a Money Making Skills ABSU Students Can Learn for Long Term.

People say cryptocurrency is the future, and in years to come, it will be the legal currency tender for every country worldwide. Therefore, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can serve as an alternative mode of payment. Also, cryptocurrency is maintained by a decentralized system.

For students looking more long-term, trading cryptocurrency should be a skill you look at.

12. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of marketing that sends out emails to subscribed customers to keep them updated on new products, discounts, updates and other services. With more businesses looking for a way to keep their Business in customer’s faces, the need for email marketing has risen, making it a skill you should learn.

Additionally, Email marketing uses tools like Mailchimp to send automated welcome emails, birthday emails, new arrivals and more to their subscribed customers.

13. Makeup will always be an Important Money Making Skills ABSU Students Can Learn.

A Makeup artist uses makeup tools to beautify the human face for special occasions. Makeup is a skill that will always make you money after you learn it because people always want to look good at events or special occasions.

Also, being a makeup artist opens you to work at movie productions or other productions requiring a makeup artist to alter the look of people appearing in the output.


To conclude, you should take your time to go through every skill on this list and do further research before picking a skill to learn. Furthermore, there are other Money Making Skills ABSU Students can Learn to make money to support themselves while in school beyond. Lastly, I hope you find what’s right for you.

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