13 Skills UNILAG Students can Learn to Make Money in School

Financial struggles are still the most significant problems students face in school. At the same time, some can get by with help from their parents, guardians, and siblings. Hence, I have assembled 13 Skills University of Lagos “UNILAG” Students Should Learn to make money while schooling.

Money Making Skills UNILAG Students Learn; Top 13 Handy Skills

Many students still need help financially, be it from buying handouts, paying for lecture practicals, field trips, extra tutorials, transportation, or just getting by with their day-to-day, and with the current state of the economy, students could find it more complex.

Learning a skill to make money while schooling has been one of the most effective ways students across the globe help them get by. And many more students see this as a way to help them earn while schooling.

Picking the right skill to learn is also crucial, as you need to understand the field. Its demands, how time-consuming the talent is, and knowing if it’s the right niche for you.

Below is a list of top skills students can learn to earn money while schooling in Nigeria, with brief information on each skill.

1. Photography is Undoubtedly the No. One ick for Skills Unilag Students Should Learn.

Photography is one of the best skills to learn to help students make money, as we all want to see good portraits of ourselves.

You could easily monetise everyone around you: friends, family, and coursemates. A skill in photography will always help you earn money.

2. Graphics Design

Graphics design plays a vital role in effectively helping brands communicate with their audience in today’s digital world, which has increased demand for graphic designers.

3. Make-Up

Undoubtedly, makeup is one of the best skills Unilag students can learn to make money. It opens you up to endless opportunities, making people look good while earning a good amount to sustain yourself and being a good makeup artist always puts you in demand.

People always want to look good for whatever events they have, be it Birthday parties, weddings, or Burial ceremonies.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing requires low costs for a start-up, and it involves low risks. Once you have done the work to build an audience, the goal is to recommend products to people who need them in exchange for a commission.

Affiliate marketing can help you develop skills like marketing, communication, etc. 

5. Hairdressing

Hairdressing is an excellent skill to learn as people always want to get their hair done. As a hairdresser, you have a guaranteed job for life. Improving your skills and staying up with trends keeps you in the market.

6. Video Editing is a Good Digital Skill UNILAG Students Can Learn

Video editors are in high demand in today’s digital space as businesses want to make videos to market their products effectively.

With the increase in demand quality for YouTubers and content creators, video editing is one of the skills you should look to learn while schooling.

7. Fashion Design

Fashion design is a timeless skill as it represents culture, trends, and creativity. Being a top fashion designer requires technical skills and creativity.

As you bring imagination to life, drawing inspiration from current fashion trends and customer’s needs. It is also a good skill students can learn while in university. 

8. UI/UX Design is One of the Fastest-Growing Money Making Skills Unilag Students Can Learn

A UI/UX Designer creates the interface/layout for an app, website, or other interactive media. A good UI/UX designer ensures customers can easily navigate structures and slow-loading windows.

This skill requires you to know how to analyse gathered data and identify patterns and trends.

9. Cryptocurrency

Learning to trade cryptocurrency is a skill, unlike others on this list, that requires prior investment, critical thinking, and good decision-making.

It is more of a high-risk, high-reward skill, and investing in new currencies for long-term investment is highly beneficial.

10. Digital Marketing is a Skill Unilag Students Should Look To Learn

Brands need to advertise more digitally as the demand for enterprises and brands to be present online rises. Through social media, email newsletters, and online browsers, digital marketers assist businesses in reaching their target audience.

11. Product Design

product designers develop concepts that satisfy market demands and create stunning visuals that enhance user experiences while infusing a company’s brand into the product.

12. Sole Trading

Sole trading has proven to be one of the best skills Unilag students Should learn to make money. It gives freedom and flexibility. Picking a specific trade, like selling clothes online, is also one of the best ways to earn money in school.

13. Copywriting is One of the Best Skills UNILAG Students can Learn to Make Money While Schooling

Copywriting is a valuable skill to business as every customer reads, listens, or watches content. It helps you become a better marketer, researcher, and content creator. Copywriting is also a valuable skill that can help you earn while in university because it is in demand in many professions.


In conclusion, every skill on this list can be highly profitable. It can help you make a decent amount of money while still in the university and beyond. Understanding why you choose any skills on this list is also very important.

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