13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Zamfara State Nigeria

Zamfara State Nigeria is an amazing place to spend a romantic time with your husband. You and your husband can spend quality and romantic time together by visiting shopping malls, attractions, hotels and more in the state. You and your husband will create wonderful memories that you will later tell your children in the future.

Zamfara Husband Romantic Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Zamfara State Nigeria

There are a lot of romantic places You can take Your Husband to in Zamfara State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. National Gallery of Art

The Zamfara State National art gallery is located at Unguwar Tudu, Gusau. The gallery is filled with both modern and historical art. Also, You will see different art depicting the history of the state and bout the lives of the people, you will see statues made of bronze and so many other arts see.

2. Kwiambana Forest Reserve

This forest reserve was submitted to be a World Heritage Center in November 1995 by the Nigerian government. Also, the Kwiambana ruins were built on and around a granite inselberg that has two peaks and were protected by a ditch and a bank between five and seven meters high.

The site would definitely amaze you and your husband and is worth paying a visit to.

3. Jifatu Shopping Mall is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Zamfara State

You can take your husband with you to have a shopping spree together at the Jifatu shopping mall. Meanwhile, there provide provisions, cosmetics, accessories, clothes and so many more that can be found at the shopping mall. Also, the shopping mall is located at Zaria/Sokoto road, Gusau in Zamfara State.

4. Kuyambana Game Reserve

Kuyambana Game Reserve is a vast forest which can be found in Zamfara State, Nigeria. The Kuyambana Game Reserve was set aside for the preservation of plants and animals. Meanwhile, at the reserve, you get to learn more about the different species that call the place it’s home.

5. Namoda’s Tomb Kauran Namoda

This tomb was established in 1802. It is the burial site of Namoda who was the Alibawa warrior and was appointed Sarkin Yaki of the eastern campaigns of the Sokoto Jihad. Also, visit the site and learn more about him and what he accomplished in his lifetime.

6. Kiyawa City Walls is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Zamfara State

Kiyawa City was once the most powerful city that was in the eastern plains of Zamfara state. The kiyawa City are ancient walls built to protect the city and it is dated back to two hundred and fifty years ago. In addition, the city wall has a history that you and your husband will definitely love to learn more about.

7. Gusau Dam

This dam holds a reserve in the Sokoto river and it is just upstream from Gusau. The dam provided water and irrigation to people who lives in the neighbouring city. Meanwhile, You can visit the dam and learn more about it and what has transpired since it was

8. Kanoma Hills

This hill serves as protection to the  Kanoma hunters in times of war as that is where they settled to shoot down enemies. Also, the hills are a sight to see and they have an amazing history, you would probably learn more when at the site.

9. Gurara Waterfalls is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Zamfara State

Gurara waterfalls are one of the waterfalls in Nigeria and it is in Zamfara State. Also, The waterfall is very impressive and according to the history of the people there the waterfall was discovered by a Gwari hunter called Buba in 1745 before some Europeans discovered it in 1925 and used it as a recreation centre.

10. Kwatarkwashi Rock/Natural Spring

In addition, The Rock date back to the same time as the town of Kwatarkwashi itself and the rock attraction is also known for its spiritual significance.

At this historical site, you and your husband can do things like climb the rocks, picnic, hunt, fetch or drink from the spring water coming out of the rocks, and even carry out research but you will not be allowed to enter the caves.

11. Dashi Natural Tunnels

This natural tunnel is in  Dashi, Kwatarkwashi district of Bungudu Local Government, Gusau and the tunnel is wide enough to allow three people to walk side by side. Meanwhile, You and your husband could join a tour guide to get a full experience of the site.

12. Sambo Dan Ashafa Tomb is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Zamfara State

This burial site is very popular in the state and it is. The burial site is Sambo Dan Ashafa the founder of Gusau which is now the capital city of the state and also Wonaka which is east of Gusau. Also, there is still more to learn about the man and you can visit the site to learn more about how he established those places with your husband.

13. Mu’alledi’s Tomb

Visit Mu’alledi’s tomb and learn more about the person buried there and learn what he did in his time alive on this earth. Also, You and your husband would have fun debating about his life and deeds on the ground before his death.


This state is filled with great things to see and do such as festivals. The state is filled with history and culture, it has a lot of stories to tell. You and your husband can spend time together learning about the state and its history, seeing the people and eating their food.

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