13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Kano State Nigeria

If you are looking for romantic places to take your husband to Kano State well with help from this article you can select where you would like to take him. The State is buzzing with different activities you can engage in with your husband, from tourist sites, shopping malls, and hotels, to restaurants and bars.

Kano Husband Romantic Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

The State has a lot to offer to make your day as romantic as you want it to be

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Kano State Nigeria

There are a lot of romantic places You can take Your Husband to in Kano State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Gidan Makama Museum

If your husband loves history this is the place for him. This museum was built to preserve the history of Kano state and once there both of you will learn more about the state, its history and its culture. This museum was actually built by Lord Lugard in the year 1953.

2. Pizza and Burger Hott

Pizza and Burger Hott is located at 131 Lamido Cresent, Kano State. At the establishment, you can get amazing savoury pizzas and burgers. Take your husband here so that the both of you can treat yourself to some great snacks, food and drinks.

3. Dala Hills is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Kano State

Dala hill is a site that you must see, once there you are going to experience Kano state from a higher Elevation. Take your husband to this site along with a camera and snap amazing pictures together. This hill also has its own history as it was once a settlement of a group of people who worked with iron.

4. Roxy Amusement Park

This amusement park is very well known for families but you and your husband can visit the place together. The place is well known in Kano state and it has amazing activities that you and your husband can participate in. The amusement park is located at Ahmadu Bello way, kano.

5. Gidan Rumfa

Gidan Rumfa is the Emir’s palace in Kano. This amazing architectural masterpiece has been the home of Emirs since the late fifteenth century. The palace is truly a site to see and it is a place worth visiting. When visiting the palace you will have to prepare for it by dressing lightly in sandals and also wearing a face cap or hat.

6. Kano City Wall is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Kano State

The Kano city wall is very important in the history of the state. It was built by Sakri Gijimasu in 1095 AD and this wall once protected the people of the state. It is a place where you will get a feel for the kind of life the people of the state once live and learn more about its history.

7. Ado Bayero Mall

Ado Bayero mall is located at zoo road, Kano and it is an amazing place to take your husband shopping. At the mall, you can eat at a restaurant, watch movies, and take pictures with your husband. It is a place where you can take part in various activities in just a day.

8. Challawa Gorge Dam

Challawa Gorge dam is located in Karaye local government. The dam serves as a hydroelectric source of power and it was built in the year 1993. This dam is a notable source of water and it is used for fishing and irrigation by the settlements along the site.

9. Jalsa Restaurant is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Kano State

Jalsa restaurant serves a variety of dishes; it serves dishes such as Nigerian, Indian and Lebanese. It also serves pizza, and burgers and you can also get coffee. You can take your husband to this restaurant to relax and have a wonderful time.

10. Cilantro Restaurant and Lounge

The Cilantro restaurant and lounge is a rooftop restaurant that has a beautiful indoor and outdoor dining setting for their customer’s satisfaction and enjoyment. This place will be perfect for you and your husband to have a romantic dinner.

11. Kano Polo Club

This place will definitely be of interest to your husband. The Kano Polo Club is a place where you will see men having their prowess on display. Polo is a game that requires a person to be a proficient horse rider.  The club is very well known and is also famous for its tournaments. You can take your husband to visit the club and learn more about the game.

12. Kano Golf Club

The Kano Golf club was built in the year 1908 which makes it the oldest golf club in Nigeria and among one the most respected and famous golf houses in the country. You can take your husband to this club for a romantic time together. Both of you can learn to play golf together while taking in the amazing scenery and sites.

13. Filmhouse Cinema is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Kano State

You can take your husband to this Cinema to watch a movie. You guys can have popcorn and drinks while watching the latest Box Office movie. The cinema is in a safe location so you do not have to worry about your and your husband’s safety. The cinema is known for its good seats, sound and visual quality. At the cinema, an ID card may be requested.


There are so many more places to spend a romantic time with your husband in the state. You may not be able to visit them all but you can make plans to visit them in the future. You and your husband will definitely enjoy learning more about the state and what it has to offer. The state is full of wonderful hotels and restaurants not mentioned here.

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