13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Taraba State Nigeria

We bring to your notice that you can pick among different romantic places in Taraba State to chill with your husband. However, many people might be wondering if there are fun places to visit in Taraba State.

Taraba Husband Romantic Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

Surely, there are places to spend quality time with your husband in Taraba State. And, we will be listing them out for you in a way that you can easily locate the places.

Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Taraba State

The romantic places in Taraba State are as follows:

1. Barup Waterfall

If you are looking for a romantic place to take your husband to Taraba State, this is a suitable place. And. Surely you both will definitely enjoy your visit to this waterfall.

2. Fast Track Hotel

This is one of the best hotels in Taraba and you can make a reservation for yourself and your husband here. Also, you will have a lot of private and romantic moments with your husband in this hotel.

3. Gashaka-Gumti National Park is one of the Romantic Places to visit with Your Husband in Taraba State

You can decide to plan out a picnic date in this park which your husband. and, this place will definitely create some sort of privacy for you both to spend romantic time with each other.

4. Zara’s Lounge

Zara’s lounge is a place in Taraba State where you and your husband can have fun to the fullest. Besides, there have very dedicated staffs that will make sure to present you with the best services.

5. Flickerz Jalingo

Are you looking for where you can spend quality time with your husband in Taraba State? Try out this cool spot in Jalingo. And, you will always visit there because of their standards.

6. Katukas kitchen is on the List of Places to Take your Husband in Taraba State

However, in this restaurant, you will definitely achieve your aim of giving your husband the best treat. So, this is a place you can consider taking your husband to in Taraba State.

7. Star Exclusive Hotel

This is among the best hotels to visit in Taraba State that has spacious and comfortable rooms for you and your husband.

8. Agyo Likita Cinema

Watch new and good movies in this amazing cinema with your husband. Surely, this will be you both together to have a nice romantic moment.

9. One of the Romantic Places to Hangout with Your Husband in Taraba State is Cuisines Dè Lush

Another great place to visit in Taraba State is Cuisines Dè Lush. And, your husband will really feel special and very grateful for taking him out to this place where you guys will spend enough quality time together.

10. Wild Bunch Amusement Park

It might sound funny to you but the fact is that you can also go out and have fun with your in an amusement pack. So, it is not meant for only children, you are your husband will definitely have fun there.

11. Leviticus Lounge

Furthermore, this is one of the romantic places to visit with your husband in Taraba State. Moreover, in this lounge, you will get to choose among their varieties of nice drinks.

12. Hassan Bappa Complex is Among the Places in Taraba State you can Take Your Husband

Taking your husband shopping is also a way of showing your husband love and care. And, to prove to be a lovely and romantic wife, you can decide to spend on your husband by taking him to this shopping complex.

13. Shield Hotel

Lastly, shield hotel is also among the amazing places you can take your husband to in Taraba state. Surely, you can achieve being a romantic wife by booking this hotel for just you and your husband.


Surely, finding out romantic places in Taraba State will be very difficult for you to achieve. So, which is why we decided to make things easy for you with this write-up. And, all you have to do is to choose the place that suits you and your husband.

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