13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Anambra State Nigeria

Do you live close to Anambra or close to Anambra state well there are tons of romantic places the state has to offer for you and your husband. Apart from your husband taking you on a romantic date as a wife you can also do the same.

Anambra Husband Romantic Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

Anambra state is filled with tourist sites, shopping malls, restaurants and many more places for you to visit with your husband.

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Anambra State Nigeria

There are a lot of romantic places You can take Your Husband to in Anambra State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Akwa Wonderland

Amusement parks are not only for children they also cater to adults. You and your husband are bound to have fun at this park. You can have fun at the restaurant, bar, lodge and so much more. Also, You can visit the mini zoo at the parka and also have fun swimming together.

2. Big Ballers City

This is among one the best restaurants, bars and night club in Anambra state. Treat your husband to this place to have a fun time together. Have excellent food and drinks and also enjoy listening to great music.

3. Igbo Ukwu Museum is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Anambra State

If your husband is a lover of history and diverse cultures well this tourism site has a lot to offer in that regard. The museum is located at Igbo Ukwu where it got its name and contains artefacts such as jewellery, ceramics, a corpse adorned with regalia and so many more to get his interest.

4. Odinani Museum

Another museum in the state has a lot of history and culture. The museum is located in a small town in Anambra state. The museum is a great way to get in touch with the culture of the people of the area and is sure to be a wonderful experience.

5. Del Santos Hotel

Hotels are a must when visiting a new area that is new to you. You and your husband can stay at this hotel to have a relaxing time after spending the day sightseeing and such. The hotel also offers to greet property amenities.

6. Evergreen Art Studio is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Anambra State

This studio will be a perfect place to visit with your husband you can get his portrait done, and see art done by various artists. The studio portrays art like painting, modelling clay, acrylic painting and Sao much more. The evergreen Art studio is located at no. 16, Amichi-Osumenyi Road, Nnewi, Anambra Nigeria

7. The Belvedere Hotel

Hotels are important when wanting to spend a romantic time together you can visit the hotel bar or request accommodation for you and your husband. The Belvedere hotel has a lot of property amenities to offer such as a swimming pool, restaurant, gym, spa and more for their guest comfort.

8. Ogbunike Caves

Do your husband like nature, then seek things natural site will an ideal date for the two of you. The Ogbunike caves are blanketed by tropical rainforests and have a spiritual significance to the people of the town. There are a lot of good restaurants and hotels close to the area that you will also have fun yourself.

9. Owerre Ezukala Caves and Waterfall is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Anambra State

This site will definitely be fun for you and your husband, together you can walk the trail to the site and take good pictures to get. Nature is really wonderful as these caves and waterfalls are located at Orumba south local government area of Anambra state.

10. Hotel Del Robin

This hotel is also a great place to have a romantic time with your husband as it also provides great facilities, the hotel is a stylist and its accommodations are worth taking note of and it also has a restaurant and bar. It provides free wifi to its guest and also free parking.

11. Five-Star Restaurant

The Five-star restaurant is located at Akwa in Anambra state and it provides its customers with amazing food and meals. They provide a great array of African dishes and a few oriental ones if that is what you prefer.

12. Chicken Republic Akwa

After an exhausting day, it is quite important to have a place you can trust to have a good meal and drink. The chicken republic is a franchise that is in almost all the state in Nigeria and it can also be found in Nigeria. You can have a look at the one here to compare it to the one in your home state.

13. Diamond Pizza Akwa is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Anambra State

This restaurant serves intercontinental food such as pizza and also does delivery, so you can have them delivered to your hotel or to your house. You can also buy it from the restaurant and take it to go in a pack. They are open Mondays to Sundays from 8 am to 9 pm.


You will definitely put a smile on your husband’s face when you do this for him. Things like this will definitely make your relationship bond stronger and your husband will definitely not forget the day his wife took him out on a romantic date.

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