Top 13 Richest Men in Jigawa State Nigeria 2023/2024

Jigawa State, which is in the northern region of Nigeria, is popular for its extensive agricultural resources and rich cultural legacy. In addition, the state is home to some of the richest people who have significantly boosted its economy. Some of these people are among the Top 13 Richest Men in Jigawa State Nigeria 2023/2024, according to the ranking.

Top 13 Richest Men in Jigawa State Nigeria 2023/2024

Successful businessmen and elected officials make up the top 13 richest men in Jigawa state. These men achieved their financial success in a number of industries, including manufacturing, real estate, and finance. Their wealth has fueled Jigawa State’s economy and provided numerous people with work.

Top Richest Men in Jigawa State Nigeria 2023/2024

To know more about the top richest men in Jigawa State Nigeria 2023/2024, keep reading the information below. The lives and fortunes of the wealthiest men in Jigawa State will be examined in this article, also with examples of their accomplishments and financial success.

1.Bashir Dalhatu- ₦5 billion

In Jigawa State, Bashir Dalhatu is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur. He has amassed an estimated net worth of ₦5 billion with a varied investment portfolio. In addition to making him extremely wealthy, his business endeavours have helped the state’s economy flourish and create jobs.

2. Muhammed Kazaure Gudaji – ₦4.6 billion

Muhammad Kazaure Gudaji is a known individual in Jigawa State and is popular for his commercial savvy and entrepreneurial skills. He has accumulated significant wealth over the years with a wide portfolio of assets in different industries. Gudaji is also one of the richest and most influential people in the state, according to estimates of his net worth, which is currently at ₦4.6 billion.

3. Senator Bello Maitama Yusuf – ₦4.2 billion is One of the Top Richest Men in Jigawa State Nigeria

Senator Bello Maitama Yusuf is a well-known politician and businessman. He has a successful career in politics and has held a number of leadership roles. Senator Yusuf has accumulated a sizeable net worth of ₦4.2 billion from his commercial endeavours and investments, notably in real estate and agriculture.

4. Suleiman Abba- ₦4 billion

Suleiman Abba is famous in Jigawa for his excellent work as a police officer. He progressed through the ranks, and in 2014 he became Inspector General of Police. He is a rich man with a number of properties and his estimated net worth is about ₦4 billion.

5. Sule Lamido – ₦3.8 billion

Sule Lamido is a high-ranking politician and former governor of Jigawa State. Over the course of his lengthy political career, which spanned several decades, he significantly aided the state’s growth. He has a net worth of about ₦3.8 billion. And most of it comes from his business ventures in the fields of construction, hospitality, and agriculture.

6. Inuwa Kashifu Abdullahi – ₦3.5 billion is Among the Top Richest Men in Jigawa State Nigeria

Inuwa Kashifu Abdullahi is not a Politician, however, he is well-known, in the field of technology. He was instrumental in advancing digital transformation and innovation in Nigeria as the former Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). He is one of the richest people in the state, with an estimated net worth of ₦3.5 billion.

7. Abdulmumini Hassan – ₦2.7 billion

Abdulmumini Hassan is a prosperous businessman and entrepreneur in Jigawa state. He has an estimated net worth of 2.7 billion. And so, this put him on the list of the richest people in the state.

8. Ibrahim Kazaure – ₦2.5 billion

Ibrahim Kazaure is a prominent figure in Jigawa State for his commercial savvy and interests across a range of industries. His business ventures not only increased his riches but also had a favourable effect on the state’s economy. With holdings in agriculture, hospitality, and real estate, Kazaure has amassed a net worth of about ₦2.5 billion.

9. Christopher Waziri – ₦2.1 billion is One of the Top Richest Men in Jigawa State Nigeria

In Jigawa State, Christopher Waziri is a respected investor and businessman. His investments throughout a number of sectors contributed to his estimated net worth of ₦2.1 billion. Waziri’s commercial endeavours produced significant wealth in addition to aiding in the construction of the state’s economy and infrastructure.

10. Muhammed Babandede- ₦2 billion

Muhammad Babandede was born in Jigawa State, Nigeria, in 1963. He served as the Deputy Comptroller General (DCG) of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Operations & Passports, prior to his appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari. He has an estimated net worth of about ₦2 billion.

11. Mujitaba Mohammed Mallam ₦1.8 billion

Mujtaba Mohammed Mallam is a prominent businessman and investor who has built a prosperous corporate empire. Mujtaba Mohammed’s alleged net worth is worth ₦1.8 billion.

12. Hafiz Ringim- ₦1.6 billion is Among the Top Richest Men in Jigawa State Nigeria

Former police officer Hafiz Ringim held the position of Inspector General of Police from 2010 until 2012.  And his remarkable performance in the Nigerian Police Force is well-known. While at it, he initiated a number of reforms that enhanced the police force’s efficacy and efficiency. Presently, his estimated net worth is ₦1.6 billion.

13. Mohammed Tasiu Ibrahim – ₦800 million

Mohammed Tasiu is a respected military officer who began his career after graduating from the Nigerian Defense Academy. He performed excellently well during the course of his career and this earned him numerous rewards and commendation. His net worth, though not exactly known, is at an estimate of  ₦800 million.


Many individuals find inspiration in Jigawa State’s top 13 richest men. They all had a big role in the economic growth of Jigawa state by making corporate investments. As a result, there was the creation of jobs.

Also, they made charitable contributions where necessary. These men serve as role models for young people in the state and demonstrate that success is possible with dedication and hard effort.

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